Advanced features for your business telephony.

Kavkom provides businesses with all the essential features to establish their telephony system, encompassing both traditional business telephony and their call center.

Fonctionnalités avancées

Phone numbers

Easily activate phone numbers in over 60 countries for your employees’ direct lines, various departments, and teams…

Mnemonic numbers

Kavkom’s mnemonic numbers simplify your communications with easy-to-remember combinations, offering a memorable and convenient customer experience.

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Mobile numbers

Get a virtual mobile number and be closer to your contacts, customers and prospects, while enjoying all the features of professional VoIP telephony.

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Number in 02

Kavkom makes it quick and easy to activate a phone number with the 02 area code. Locate your business in Brittany, Normandy, Pays de la

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Number in 03

Kavkom makes it quick and easy to activate a phone number with the 03 area code. Locate your business in the Grand-Est, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté and Hauts-de-France

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Number in 04

Kavkom makes it quick and easy to activate a phone number with the 04 area code. Locate your business in the South-East: Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, Corsica,

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Number in 05

Kavkom makes it quick and easy to activate a phone number with the 05 area code. Locate your business in the South-West region: Nouvelle-Aquitaine and

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Call Routing

Establish precise strategies to manage and route incoming calls to the right contacts. Take advantage of advanced features to make your telephony usage flexible.


Use your Kavkom line from any device and leverage efficient tools to enhance your team’s productivity.


Access advanced features to supervise and coach your teams in real-time. Obtain detailed call data and generate reports to assess your business activity.

Integrations et API

Integrate your CRM or internal business tool with Kavkom and leverage VoIP telephony features within your familiar work environment, enhancing your teams’ productivity.

Predictive dialing

Take advantage of Kavkom’s exclusive predictive calling features to further enhance the results of your call campaigns.

Telephone script

Kavkom’s Telephone Scripting provides customized scripts for powerful conversations and optimal sales performance. Maximize your calls and impress your customers.

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Automated calling

Integrate routing and monitoring functionalities with the power of automated calling for your mass communication campaigns.

Contact an agent

Count on immediate, personalized interaction with the Kavkom Robot Dialer. Your prospects connect with an agent at the touch of a button for a unique customer experience.

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Customized audio messages

The Kavkom Automated Calling System makes it easy to broadcast personalized audio messages to your prospects and customers at the click of a button. Optimize your campaigns and increase your sales opportunities.

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Hourly call rate

The Kavkom Robot Dialer offers a powerful hourly call rate of up to 150,000 calls per hour. Customize your numbering to maximize the impact of your Robocalling campaigns. Efficiency and productivity guaranteed!

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RGPD black list

Ensure RGPD compliance in your call campaigns with Kavkom Call Automator. Manually insert contacts to be blacklisted and automate unsubscriptions via the “black list”.

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Utilize the integrated hybrid CRM features of Kavkom to effectively manage your contacts, prospects, and clients.

Sending e-mails

With Kavkom, personalize your emails with predefined templates and variables. Engage your recipients, optimize your performance and boost your company’s growth.

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