Advanced Predictive Dialing Solution

Reduce costs and improve productivity with intuitive, high-performance software.
Are you looking to intensify the impact of your campaigns and increase your sales?

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Optimize your telemarketing

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Choose the must-have to boost your teams' results

Kavkom Predictive Calling Software is the ideal tool for boosting the performance of your telemarketers.

  • Optimized time: agents are freed from waiting time, concentrate on selling, and see their connection time tripled.
  • Closer Targets: An intelligent approach to numbering brings them mechanically closer to their targets.

“We’ve increased our targets by 10% thanks to the insights we’ve gained from call identification and analytics provided by Kavkom’s telephony solution.”

Jules Romano
Co-founder @ Formideo

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Improve your performance

Multiply the volume of effective calls by 3, and increase the average number of calls handled by up to 7.5 times, for a rapid improvement in performance. Use the Predictive Dialer to manage and boost various :

  • Prospecting
  • Sales
  • Recruitment

“Transitioning to enterprise telephony in the cloud with Kavkom allows us to track KPIs to identify our strengths and weaknesses.”

Arnold Panou
CEO @ VAD Assistance

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Save time and accelerate your growth

Designed for Call Centers, Predictive Dialer Kavkom avoids answering machines, eliminates unnecessary numbers and minimizes downtime. Agents stay focused, boosting productivity and company growth.

“We evaluated several service providers, and Kavkom emerged as the only option that allowed us to tailor our customer service requirements to suit our unique business practices.”

Pierre Roche
Managing partner of Groupe OREL

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Triple your agents' productivity

With its innovative algorithm, the Predictive Dialer Kavkom eliminates idle time. Agents focus on productive calls, tripling their effective call duration, averaging over 600 calls, and increasing conversions and profitability.

Sales teams' favorite features

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Team Synergy and Performance

Are you ready to improve your communications?

Activate Kavkom on your existing device.

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Ergonomics and Instant Control

Predictive Calling applications


Prospect Qualification

Optimize your prospect list with Kavkom Call Prediction. By contacting and qualifying your contacts via the Interactive Server, the most promising responses are instantly transferred to your agents.


Reach maximization

Broaden your electoral impact with Predictive Dialer. Effectively communicate your vision to tens of thousands of voters and create a significant positive impact on your campaign.



Revolutionize your association’s fundraising with Kavkom Call Predictor. Use predictive dialing to quickly identify potential donors and volunteers.


Automated Management

Simplify the payment process with Predictive Dialer Kavkom. It contacts your customers to direct them efficiently to the billing departments, ensuring smooth and punctual payment management.


Central communication

Whether it’s weather alerts, announcements of local events, or promotions, Kavkom’s Predictive Dialer ensures that your information is broadcast to a wide audience, guaranteeing that your message reaches everyone concerned.

Instructions for use!

  1. Access and set-up quickly with the Kavkom user interface.
  2. Once configured, the system operates autonomously without the need for human intervention.
  3. Load thousands of contacts directly from an Excel sheet in just a few clicks.
  4. Launch your campaign in an instant and start communicating effectively.

Software designed for Call Centers

What does Predictive Dialer Kavkom do for Call Center agents?

Kavkom’s Predictive Dialer optimizes agents’ time by automating dialing and filtering out non-productive calls, increasing productivity and working comfort.

Set up your campaign, import your contacts and let the software dial the numbers automatically, avoiding duplicates and inefficient numbers.

It improves prospect qualification by contacting and qualifying contacts via the CRM, increasing the effectiveness of prospecting campaigns.

How does Predictive Dialer facilitate fundraising?

It revolutionizes fundraising by quickly identifying potential donors through predictive dialing, making campaigns more effective.

It simplifies payment management by contacting customers and directing them to billing departments, ensuring smooth settlement management.

Thanks to its innovative algorithm, it eliminates idle time and increases agent call times by a factor of 3, significantly boosting productivity.

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