Advanced call statistics

Access crucial data on your teams’ activity and performance for your call center reporting. Analyze your calls with advanced statistics to perfect your strategy and optimize your agents’ performance. Turn analysis into action for outstanding results.

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Track your company's telephone activity

Call statistics automatically recorded on the Kavkom interface are an invaluable asset for analyzing your business telephony. Data helps you identify trends and adjust your strategy for greater efficiency. Analyze the performance of your strategy and those of your agents to identify opportunities for improvement.


View your key call KPIs

Access detailed, reliable call statistics by phone line, phone number, country and monitor activity in real time. Analyze the performance of a team or the individual KPIs of your sales reps, using filters according to your needs.


React in real time

Monitor your performance in real time with our live statistics. Instantly track the number of incoming, outgoing and internal calls in progress. Control the number of registered and online users for smooth team management. Never miss an opportunity, and act quickly with an instant overview of the number of calls on hold.


Improve your resource management

Easily monitor your activity and hourly or daily workload with clear graphs to quickly detect peaks in activity. Analyze and forecast your resource requirements to guarantee the quality of your service. Get a precise view for proactive and efficient management of your business.


"Kavkom has been the perfect answer to our business telephony needs. Their simple, reliable system, performance statistics, switchboard customization and ability to quickly call our key users have greatly enhanced our efficiency and customer satisfaction."

Ben Cauchois
VP Sales & Operations @ SEIZA

Outstanding communication quality

To reach its objectives and achieve exceptional performance, the use of the predictive dialer led to an increase in the number of candidates contacted. What’s more, thanks to Kavkom’s telephony solutions, waiting times have been considerably reduced, enabling calls to be handled more quickly. In addition, dunning times were reduced by 40%, improving the overall management of the recruitment process by making it more efficient.

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Frequently asked questions

Which calls are included in the statistics?

All inbound, outbound and internal calls are included in the data to provide the most comprehensive statistics possible. You can also exclude certain call types to refine your report.

Kavkom offers a variety of key indicators for analyzing your teams’ and users’ calls, including :

  • Total calls (incoming and outgoing)
  • Off-hook and missed incoming calls
  • Total call duration (incoming and outgoing)
  • Average call duration
  • Average waiting rate for incoming calls
  • Date and time of first and last call each day and over the selected period

What are call center performance indicators?

The 10 most important key performance indicators (KPIs) for a call center are :

  • Answer Rate: Measures the percentage of calls answered by agents.
  • Average Wait Time: Indicates the average length of time callers wait before being answered.
  • Average Handling Time: Evaluates the average time an agent takes to handle a call, from answer to conclusion.
  • Call abandonment rate: Measures the percentage of calls that callers abandon before being connected to an agent.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Collects customer evaluations to measure their overall satisfaction.
  • First Contact Resolution (FCR): Assesses the call center’s ability to resolve problems on first contact.
  • Conversion Rate: Applicable if the call center has sales targets, measures the percentage of calls converted into sales.
  • Call transfer rate: Indicates how often calls are transferred to other agents or departments.
  • Agent Occupancy Rate: Measures the amount of time agents actually spend handling calls as a proportion of their total working time.
  • Cost per Call: Evaluates the average cost of handling a call, including operational costs.

On Kavkom, access authorizations to menus and functions are fully customizable. This allows you to determine precisely which users will have access to analytics.

Integrated with your favorite applications.

Kavkom enriches your experience by providing an integration ecosystem that seamlessly optimizes all your core functions and processes.








Kavkom's complete call statistics

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Analyze individual use

Phone line usage statistics generate detailed reports with the total number of calls, detailing incoming, outgoing, internal and missed calls. View total talk time, average duration per call, and daily timestamp of first and last call.

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Evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment

Analyze incoming call data on your different phone numbers according to the number and duration of calls, as well as the number of missed calls and average waiting time. Track your contact center’s efficiency in detail, understand how your numbers are used, anticipate your resource needs to make informed decisions and ensure the quality of your service.

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Call data by country

Explore the geographical impact of your calls with our destination statistics by country. Get data on the number and duration of outgoing calls to different destinations. Analyze this information to develop new global expansion strategies, adapt your structure, optimize your telephone services and reduce telephony-related costs. Boost your operational efficiency with precise telephone insights.

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Get all your call data with Kavkom

Explore statistics in just a few clicks and retrieve all your teams’ call data.

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Customer service and after-sales support are exceptional. Their treatment efficiency is remarkable, with a score of 5 out of 5. The staff are friendly, quick and above all very efficient.


With Kavkom, a high-quality professional VoIP switchboard, I was pleasantly surprised by its practical options and Brayan’s support. Flexible account management and a wide choice of low-cost destinations. Congratulations to the Kavkom team for their excellent work!

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Convincing demonstration, subscription to VoIP telephony for business. Complete product, customizable, responsive. Satisfied with the result.

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