Mobile calls

Stay connected to your VoIP phone line, manage your calls, collaborate as a team and maximize production wherever you are.

Manage your VoIP calls on the move

The Kavkom app for Android and iOS offers you a complete solution for using your phone line from your mobile device. You stay effectively connected with your customers, prospects and colleagues wherever you are, and can be productive at all times.

Enjoy advanced telephony wherever you are

Benefit from advanced features to maximize the impact of your calls.

Call history

The Kavkom application provides a detailed history and recordings of your outgoing and incoming calls, including voice messages. You can search for specific calls or use filters to quickly access the information you need.

Collaborate with your teams

Contact your colleagues and transfer calls internally at the touch of a button from your application. Create conferences with your team members to increase your growth.

Customize call management

Toggle between Available and Unavailable status to receive calls only during working hours. Adjust your language preferences or deactivate call reception when you’re already on a call.

Enjoy mobile VoIP with Kavkom

Take advantage of the Kavkom app on iOS and Android included in all offers to enjoy your VoIP phone line and all its advanced features wherever you are.

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Quick start

Instant integration with your existing tools

Access over 100 integrations with a single click, and manage your voice workflows efficiently with Kavkom’s flexible API and webhooks.

Interface utilisateur montrant l'accès facile aux outils existants avec un clic.

Intuitive call and IVR management

Easily customize your call routing and interactive voice response (IVR) strategies, ensuring your customers reach the right team on their first attempt.

Écran montrant une interface de configuration rapide et facile à utiliser

Quick, self-contained configuration

Save time and resources with Kavkom’s simple configuration system, enabling fast commissioning of your customer-facing teams, without the need for expensive equipment.

Call barring

Intercept an incoming call on a colleague’s vacant extension with ease. Simply increase your reactivity and never miss a call.

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