Choose IP telephony to boost teleworking

Improve the efficiency of remote teams while ensuring the continuity of operations, whether in the office or at home.

Utiliser la téléphonie VoIP pour le télétravail

IP telephony: revolutionize teleworking

Téléphonie IP, travail à domicile ou au bureau

Activate your teleworking telephony in just 3 minutes

IP telephony is transforming the remote working experience, offering solutions that combine flexibility, efficiency and integration.

IP telephony is suitable for all businesses, ensuring that teleworkers stay connected and efficient.

“We’ve increased our targets by 10% thanks to the insights gained from caller ID and the analytics provided by the Kavkom telephony solution.”

Jules Romano
Co-founder @ Formideo

Réinventez Votre Communication Client : Une Téléphonie Avancée à Votre Service !

Optimize teleworking performance

Boost the efficiency of teleworking teams with enhanced collaboration and advanced call management. Share contacts and call histories, assign specific calls, and enrich exchanges with tags and annotations. Use the Direct Transfer function to pass calls to your colleagues, providing them with full context for faster, more efficient resolution.

All key communications and information synchronize seamlessly with your CRM or helpdesk management system, ensuring total accessibility for you and your teams, wherever you are.

Équipe travaillant ensemble de manière harmonieuse et efficace

Manage your agents' time slots

Give each member of your team the flexibility to define their own working hours and availability directly from the dashboard.

From individual schedules, you can easily set up call routing rules to guarantee that every incoming call is answered, making it easier for your employees to work remotely.

Téléphonie en Cloud pour les Équipes de Vente de Logiciels

Monitor telephone activity live

Use performance analytics and statistical data to effectively monitor your key performance indicators (KPIs) and assess the productivity of your agents, whether on-site or telecommuting.

With the live activity stream, get an instant overview of telephone activity, including agent availability, average call duration, waiting times, and the rate of unanswered calls. The discreet listening function lets you guide your agents in real time without being detected by the caller.

Integrated with your favorite applications.

Kavkom enriches your experience by providing an integration ecosystem that seamlessly optimizes all your core functions and processes.








Key features for efficient teleworking

Fonctionnalites standard telephonique

Optimizing customer interactions

Achieve irreproachable file management and improve your customer relations with tools adapted to teleworking. Take advantage of automatic file feedback, making qualification and commenting simple and efficient. Our customizable conversation scripts enhance every exchange with your customers, tailored to the demands of remote working.

Un système de téléphonie avancé utilisé par une équipe informatique

Remote team management and supervision

Support the growth and monitoring of your teleworking teams with appropriate supervision tools. Our solutions include collaborative supervision, cloud-based exchange recording, access to case processing data, discreet listening capabilities, and the facilitation of virtual meetings between supervisors, agents and customers, ensuring effective team management while telecommuting.

Téléphonie en Cloud pour les Équipes de Vente de Logiciels

Advanced campaign analysis

Boost the effectiveness of your telephone campaigns with clear performance indicators. Benefit from comprehensive call histories, audio recordings, detailed statistical tables and analysis tools for fast, informed action. These resources are essential for continually fine-tuning your teleworking campaign strategies.

Are you ready to improve your communications?

Activate Kavkom on your existing device.

Telephony tools for teleworking: A practical guide

How can I access my company's telephone infrastructure from home?

You can access company telephony as if you were in the office, thanks to a simple Internet connection. A web interface lets you combine a complete business telephony system with a multifunctional CRM, giving you a VoIP cloud telephony solution for making and receiving calls. You can connect to any device you like, including phones and computers, both fixed and mobile.

Yes, thanks to VoIP telephony, you can assign each teleworker a unique number, regardless of their geographical location. You benefit from a virtual number with local rates in over 40 countries, enabling teleworkers to keep their phone line in any situation. The Kavkom app provides mobile convergence with features similar to those of a desktop phone.

Installing a VoIP telephony solution for teleworkers is both simple and cost-effective. Activation takes less than a minute via a broadband Internet connection. You can create numbers, add users, integrate tools and configure the system in just a few clicks, with no installation, hardware or maintenance costs.

Can VoIP telephony maintain a high level of productivity when teleworking?

Yes, VoIP telephony offers you a range of tools designed to maintain your productivity and team dynamics. You have instant access to all your online contacts and files, the ability to synchronize customer information with the CRM, and features such as file follow-up scheduling, task assignment, as well as call transfers and conference calls.

With VoIP telephony, you can set teleworkers’ schedules on the IPBX switchboard, defining activity times and availability from the workstation. The interactive voice server (IVR) distributes calls according to availability, and features such as pre-hook, dual call management, call queuing, message recording and notification in case of absence.

Yes, VoIP telephony lets you support the progress of telecommuting agents with remote supervision tools. You can analyze call statistics, monitor telephone activity in real time, record conversations and store them in the cloud, and even listen in on conversations to intervene and coach in real time if necessary.

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