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CRM - Customer Service

Couple Kavkom enterprise telephony with your HubSpot CRM to boost your teams’ productivity and track customers throughout their journey. The data generated by your telephone activity is automatically synchronized in HubSpot.


The data generated by your telephone activity is automatically synchronized in HubSpot, opening the way to extensive potential, such as the automation of prospecting processes or the optimization of call follow-up – a precious gain in flexibility and productivity!

Here's why you should choose Kavkom!

If you’re a HubSpot customer looking for a professional communications solution, we have the answer: Kavkom. As a HubSpot integrator, Kavkom offers a solution for to optimize your communications and improve your productivity. We understand the importance of an efficient and reliable communication system for support your sales and customer service efforts

Save your time for what truly matters

  • Increase productivity by integrating Kavkom with HubSpot.
  • Telephony fully integrated into the HubSpot ecosystem
  • Simplify your teams’ daily tasks.

The undeniable benefits!

Integration of Kavkom Predictive Dialer and Kavkom Phone System with HubSpot creates a powerful synergy for your and your sales performance. Thanks to this integration, you can measure key performance indicators (KPIs) of your calls and your users in a precise and accurate way. in depth. This gives you a clear view of the your team’s performance and identify areas for improvement. You can measure metrics such as number of calls average call duration, call conversion rate, etc. calls, leads generated, etc. This information helps you evaluate the effectiveness of your call campaigns, identify opportunities and optimize your communication strategies.

Analyzed: Call Transcriptions

The Conversation Intelligence (CI) function enables recordings to be transcribed and analyzed. This allows you to coach your team more effectively and extract valuable customer information from recordings and transcripts. You can identify trends, extract insights and optimize your sales and customer service processes.
This feature helps you to better understand your customers, to
improve your sales performance and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Productivity: Click to Call

With click-to-call, you no longer need to dial phone numbers manually, or switch between different application to another to make your calls. All you have to do is click on the phone number in HubSpot to start the call instantly from your device, whether it’s your computer or your cell phone. What’s more, the integration of click-to-call with HubSpot automatically synchronizes information call. This means you can automatically record call details, including duration, notes, etc. relevant information, directly in HubSpot. This information are invaluable for tracking interactions with your contacts and communications history

Reviewed: Call Statistics

View and analyze all your teams’ call data from the usual HubSpot interface.
You have all the information you need to assess performance and manage your employees to improve their productivity.

Efficiency: Transfer, Recordings, Listening

With the ability to listen to and download call recordings, our Kavkom integration with HubSpot offers an essential feature: hot call transfer.
It lets you easily transfer calls in progress to other members of your team, promoting better collaboration and rapid problem resolution. When you’re communicating with a customer or prospect, you may need the assistance of a colleague with greater expertise in a specific field, or a manager to help you make a decision. A simple click is all it takes to transfer the call to another member of your team. The transfer is seamless, with no interruption or loss of communication.

Customer Feedback

speed glass

“With cutting-edge VoIP calling software, a reliable business phone line, an intuitive mobile app and advanced call tracking, Kavkom has propelled our company to greater responsiveness, quality management and optimal customer satisfaction. We made the right choice with Kavkom to stay in pole position in our industry.”

Ghislain Houze-Marconnet
President @ Speed Glass


“Kavkom has been the perfect answer to our business telephony needs. Their simple, reliable system, performance statistics, switchboard customization and ability to quickly call our key users have greatly enhanced our efficiency and customer satisfaction.”

Ben Cauchois
VP Sales & Operations @ SEIZA

Integrated with your favorite applications.

Kavkom enriches your experience by providing an integration ecosystem that seamlessly optimizes all your core functions and processes.

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