Call barring

Intercept an incoming call on a colleague's vacant extension with ease. Simply increase your reactivity and never miss a call.
SVI : avantages d’un serveur vocal interactif pour un service client

Miss No More Calls

Do you hear a colleague’s vacancy ringing and refuse to let it go unanswered? Intercept it simply from the keys on your phone and, the ultimate in convenience, identify the caller’s number before picking up!

Advantages of Kavkom’s Call Interception

Reducing Communication Losses

Kavkom’s call interception avoids lost calls by enabling agents to quickly handle calls requiring further assistance.

Enhanced collaboration

Agents can collaborate seamlessly by intercepting calls, enabling better resolution of complex or urgent problems.

Improving Customer Satisfaction

Kavkom’s call interception ensures a seamless customer experience, provides a fast and efficient response to customer needs, and improves customer satisfaction and loyalty to your company.

Take advantage of call barring with Kavkom

Kavkom, your trusted provider of business communication solutions, presents its must-have call interception feature. Never miss a crucial call again, and optimize your customer service. Strengthen collaboration, improve customer satisfaction and deliver an exceptional experience. Choose Kavkom today for effective, efficient communication.

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Instant integration with your existing tools

Access over 100 integrations with a single click, and manage your voice workflows efficiently with Kavkom’s flexible API and webhooks.

Interface utilisateur montrant l'accès facile aux outils existants avec un clic.

Intuitive call and IVR management

Easily customize your call routing and interactive voice response (IVR) strategies, ensuring your customers reach the right team on their first attempt.

Écran montrant une interface de configuration rapide et facile à utiliser

Quick, self-contained configuration

Save time and resources with Kavkom’s simple configuration system, enabling fast commissioning of your customer-facing teams, without the need for expensive equipment.

Call barring

Intercept an incoming call on a colleague’s vacant extension with ease. Simply increase your reactivity and never miss a call.

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