Real Time Dashboard

Control the activity of your phone lines live and improve your call management with instant visibility.
Predictive Dialer Software

Follow your teams’ activity live

The easy-to-use Real Time Dashboard gives you instant visibility of your live calls. Stay in touch with your company’s communications activity. Keep control of your telephony with real-time visibility.

Total control over your telephone lines

Visibility and total control over your company’s workstations.

Monitor activity in real time

View your calls in real time and react quickly to your customers’ needs. Get a complete overview of your telephony in just a few clicks.

React instantly

Analyze live data to make informed decisions about your telephony performance. Identify call peaks and adjust resources for optimal management.

Monitoring your agents

At a glance, you have visibility over your agents’ phones, with total control over their communications, enabling you to manage your resources.

Your company’s activity at a glance with the Dashboard

Optimize your call management with Kavkom’s Real-Time Dashboard. Stay informed at all times, so you can react quickly to your customers’ needs, adjust resources and make informed decisions. Ensure the success of your corporate telephony with this essential tool offering instant visibility of your communications.

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Instant integration with your existing tools

Access over 100 integrations with a single click, and manage your voice workflows efficiently with Kavkom’s flexible API and webhooks.

Interface utilisateur montrant l'accès facile aux outils existants avec un clic.

Intuitive call and IVR management

Easily customize your call routing and interactive voice response (IVR) strategies, ensuring your customers reach the right team on their first attempt.

Écran montrant une interface de configuration rapide et facile à utiliser

Quick, self-contained configuration

Save time and resources with Kavkom’s simple configuration system, enabling fast commissioning of your customer-facing teams, without the need for expensive equipment.

Call barring

Intercept an incoming call on a colleague’s vacant extension with ease. Simply increase your reactivity and never miss a call.

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