Broadcasting pre-recorded messages

Broadcast a pre-recorded message with a single click when you're on the line with a prospect or come across a voicemail.
Personalized voice messages

Streamline your communication with pre-recorded messages

Discover the powerful pre-recorded message broadcast functionality offered by Predictive Dialer. Imagine being able to deliver a clear, targeted message to every caller, with no variation in tone or content. With pre-recorded messages, every interaction becomes precise and professional, guaranteeing consistent, effective communication.

Prepare and broadcast high-impact messages

Capture your contacts right from the start

When a call is established, our system can play a pre-recorded message at the start of the conversation. This allows you to grab your interviewer’s attention in the first few seconds, highlighting key points and laying a solid foundation for the rest of the exchange.

Post voice messages

Even when you get voicemail, your pre-recorded message can be played back precisely. This way, you can be sure that your key information reaches the person you’re talking to, without having to repeat yourself every time.

Customized flexibility

Customize your pre-recorded messages for different campaigns, target audiences and call scenarios. With Kavkom’s pre-recorded message broadcasting, save time, improve the consistency of your communications and optimize your results.

Take advantage of pre-recorded message broadcasting

Broadcasting pre-recorded messages with the Kavkom predictive dialer represents a bold step towards more efficient, structured communication. Take your calls to the next level and discover how this innovation can boost your sales success today.

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Quick start

Instant integration with your existing tools

Access over 100 integrations with a single click, and manage your voice workflows efficiently with Kavkom’s flexible API and webhooks.

Interface utilisateur montrant l'accès facile aux outils existants avec un clic.

Intuitive call and IVR management

Easily customize your call routing and interactive voice response (IVR) strategies, ensuring your customers reach the right team on their first attempt.

Écran montrant une interface de configuration rapide et facile à utiliser

Quick, self-contained configuration

Save time and resources with Kavkom’s simple configuration system, enabling fast commissioning of your customer-facing teams, without the need for expensive equipment.

Call barring

Intercept an incoming call on a colleague’s vacant extension with ease. Simply increase your reactivity and never miss a call.

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