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The Softphone, essential advanced telephony!

Enjoy quality telephony on computers and tablets thanks to IP telephony software. Your telephone is no longer linked to an extension but to your account, thus offering great flexibility in its use.


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Qu’est-ce que le Softphone

What is the Softphone?

App or software

Softphone applications or software allow you to make a call from computer to computer or from computer to telephone. The phone call is cheaper compared to the cost of traditional calls. In addition to calls, Softphone software also allows you to transfer files, chat, organize videoconferences, etc.

Call in real-time on computers or smartphones.

You can call in real-time when installed on computers or smartphones. So for better call quality, your Internet connection must be broadband. Most softphones come with features and a more intuitive interface than a physical phone. Compared to the traditional phone system, the phone system via VoIP softphone is very convenient and advantageous. Mainly in terms of call costs and the fact that he can follow his onboard user on his computerized terminal. We can also add that the user can also be accompanied by many peripherals such as a headset to keep your hands free to continue working parallel on your computer. It is for these reasons that Softphone technology is today a real success.

Solution : Phone System

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Virtual number offered
More than 60 countries, more than 10,000 locations
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