Softphone software, turn your computer into a powerful switchboard

The ideal solution for turning your PC into a sophisticated call center. Compatible with Windows or Mac OS, our free softphone is designed to make your business phone system more flexible and mobile, while providing a full range of intuitive features.

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What is a Softphone

A softphone is software that turns your computer into a telephone, giving you a flexible, cost-effective communications solution.

Benefit from quality telephony on your computer and tablet with IP telephony software. Your phone is no longer linked to an extension, but to your account, giving you great flexibility of use.

Modernize your phone system with Softphone


Flexibility and mobility

Access your business line from any PC, Mac OS, Windows, Android or iOS smartphone, wherever you are. This solution blends in seamlessly with your existing infrastructure.


Responsive home menu

Offer pleasant waiting experiences. Our IVR makes it easy for customers to navigate, while intelligent routing via a virtual switchboard ensures efficient management of incoming calls, double calls and call waiting.


Call efficiency

Boost your productivity with our Softphone software, transforming your computer into a powerful switchboard. This enables agents to concentrate on productive calls and increase the volume of calls handled.

Integrated into all your tools

Kavkom integrates quickly and easily with all your CRM tools. Our technical team is with you every step of the way.

















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Application or software

Kavkom offers remarkable flexibility in telecommunications, offering both Android and iOS apps, as well as softphone software. These innovative tools facilitate PC-to-PC or PC-to-phone communications.

The major advantage of these solutions is unlimited access to calls, with the systematic inclusion of all required features, all at a more attractive price than our competitors. The softphone, in particular, offers enhanced functions such as call transfer, whether immediate or deferred. It also enables conference calls to be organized, promoting smooth collaboration within teams. Users have the freedom to select their sender number according to their needs, and the Click to Call function greatly simplifies the calling process. Integration with CRM systems is planned for direct access to customer information, improving the efficiency of interactions. What’s more, the ability to listen to call recordings and view a complete call history is a valuable feature for tracking and reference.

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Simplify customer calls with Softphone

With Kavkom, simplify customer calls thanks to advanced features and a user-friendly interface. Our VoIP softphone solution offers unrivalled convenience, with reduced call costs and increased mobility. Optimize the use of softphones by adding accessories such as a headset for a hands-free experience. Find out how our softphone technology meets ever-changing communication needs.

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