Take advantage of our CRM: An asset included in our plans

Take advantage of our CRM, included in all our plans, and explore the essential benefits it offers for effective customer relationship management. Designed specifically for companies without a CRM, our solution simplifies the management of contacts, sales and customer follow-up.

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Turn your calls into customers

Our CRM, merging with the world of telephony, has been designed to offer you an exceptional solution that radically simplifies the way you manage your customer relationships. Discover how our CRM can turn every interaction into an opportunity for maximum customer satisfaction.


Centralize customer management

The intuitive CRM that delivers on all its unified communications promises. Thanks to its ingenious combination of telephony and IT, it offers a full range of hybrid functions, including “Click to Call” and automatic customer file feedback. Our integrated WebPhone enables you to manage your customer interactions efficiently, while dramatically improving the quality of your customer service.


Expand your business

Store your customers’ essential information, track the history of their interactions with your company, and organize it in a relevant way. This data is presented clearly and concisely on a dynamic dashboard that encourages rapid, judicious decision-making. You strengthen your relationships, increase your conversion rate from prospects to customers, and build customer loyalty.


Maximize your opportunities

your company is in the front line to seize every business opportunity that arises. Thanks to its ability to record and analyze customer information, you can anticipate your customers’ needs, effectively target your actions and personalize your interactions for optimal results. Tracking sales, quotes and contracts is simplified, saving you time and maximizing your revenues.

Gestion commerciale efficace et sans tracas

More efficient sales management

Increase your appointment bookings and accelerate your sales pipeline using features such as Automatic Dial, Click to Call, real-time coaching, and much more.


“We’ve increased our targets by 10% thanks to the insights we’ve gained from call identification and analytics provided by Kavkom’s telephony solution.”

Jules Romano
Co-founder @ Formideo

Offrez un support client de classe mondiale

Providing world-class support

Turn the customer experience into a competitive advantage with features such as professional telephone IVR menus, skills-based routing, live call monitoring and more.

VAD Assistance

“Transitioning to enterprise telephony in the cloud with Kavkom allows us to track KPIs to identify our strengths and weaknesses.”

Arnold Panou
CEO @ VAD Assistance

Frequently asked questions

What is Kavkom CRM and what benefits does it offer?

Kavkom CRM is a cloud-based customer relationship management solution that centralizes all customer data in an online interface accessible from anywhere. This facilitates decision-making and guarantees up-to-date, consistent and synchronized customer information in real time. It’s lightweight and optimizes your customer relations while keeping costs under control.

Hybrid CRM functionalities, such as “Click to Call”, automatic feedback of customer files and automated e-mail and SMS dispatch, speed up the processing of calls and requests. This enables agents to quickly view customer histories and increase their efficiency.

The CRM dashboard provides a clear view of the relationship with each customer, enabling agents to personalize their welcome and anticipate customer needs. Customer satisfaction indicators and CRM data help optimize marketing campaigns, improving profitability.

How does Kavkom CRM support my company's analysis and strategy?

Kavkom CRM provides reliable statistical indicators for monitoring agent performance, customer data processing, case tracking, etc. This enables managers to better understand the quality of customer relations and define corrective strategies to optimize productivity.

CRM offers a variety of communication channels (e-mail, telephone, SMS, notifications) and encourages exchanges between employees in different departments. It provides simultaneous access to customer records and a synchronized history of interactions, ensuring efficient processing of requests, improved collaboration and satisfied customers.

Getting started with Kavkom CRM is easy. Contact our team for a demonstration and quick installation. So you can take advantage of the simplicity, speed, control, analysis and fluidity of our CRM to improve your customer relationship management today.

Activate the Click-to-Call feature on your Chrome or Firefox browser

Use the Click-to-Call extension by Kavkom available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Learn how to leverage this feature..

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Customer service and after-sales support are exceptional. Their treatment efficiency is remarkable, with a score of 5 out of 5. The staff are friendly, quick and above all very efficient.


With Kavkom, a high-quality professional VoIP switchboard, I was pleasantly surprised by its practical options and Brayan’s support. Flexible account management and a wide choice of low-cost destinations. Congratulations to the Kavkom team for their excellent work!

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Convincing demonstration, subscription to VoIP telephony for business. Complete product, customizable, responsive. Satisfied with the result.

Maximize the impact of Kavkom CRM

Find out how our solution can help you maximize efficiency in these key areas.

Fonctionnalites standard telephonique

Sales campaigns

Discover how our Kavkom CRM helps improve salespeople’s understanding of customers, while enabling managers to monitor their teams’ performance.

Un système de téléphonie avancé utilisé par une équipe informatique

Marketing campaigns

Explore the possibilities offered by Kavkom CRM, combined with Phone System, for marketing departments. Get a complete set of tools for analyzing, planning conversion tunnels and optimizing the ROI of your marketing campaigns.

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Customer Services

Improve your customers’ experience and satisfaction by coordinating your agents’ follow-up with our CRM integrated with the IP telephony system. Stay on top of the conversation thread and interaction history to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

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