International numbers

Kavkom allows you to obtain international numbers, enabling you to extend your global reach and improve communication with your international customers.
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Worldwide telephone numbers

Looking to expand your international presence? Activate the international fixed or mobile numbers you need in over 65 countries in just a few clicks. Use these numbers to be accessible from every country in which you operate, or equip your sales reps with local numbers for their prospecting.

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International coverage

With Kavkom, benefit from excellent international coverage thanks to our international fixed and mobile numbers. Whether you want to reach new markets or stay connected with global customers, we offer you unrivalled global reach to facilitate your international exchanges with ease.

Prospect around the world

With Kavkom’s international numbers, it’s easy to prospect all over the world. Reach new customers on an international scale with our powerful numbers, enabling you to establish a global presence and maintain fruitful business relationships with prospects around the world, all with remarkable ease of use.

Virtual Number

Activate your international number

With Kavkom, activate your international number in just a few simple steps. Benefit instantly from a global presence by choosing from a wide selection of international numbers.

Telephone numbers available worldwide

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Connect to the world with Kavkom and its International Numbers

Connect to the world with Kavkom’s high-performance international numbers. Establish a global presence and facilitate communication with international customers. Our global numbers offer extensive worldwide coverage, enabling you to develop your business internationally with optimal connectivity and smooth exchanges.

Frequently asked questions about international numbers

How do I get an international number?

To get an international number, choose a telephone operator like Kavkom, which offers international numbers. Register on the platform, select the desired country, and activate the number in just a few clicks.

With which packages can I have an international number?

You can get numbers from over 65 countries with all Kavkom packages.

Can I get several international numbers?

You can activate as many numbers as you like for your company. To create switchboards that can be accessed from several countries, for the individual lines of your sales force…

What are the restrictions for assigning a number from another country?

Restrictions on assigning a number from another country may vary according to specific government regulations. There may be requirements for proof of local address, and geographical limitations for certain countries. Your Kavkom consultant will be able to give you all the information you need and help you through the process of obtaining an international number.

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Access over 100 integrations with a single click, and manage your voice workflows efficiently with Kavkom’s flexible API and webhooks.

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Intuitive call and IVR management

Easily customize your call routing and interactive voice response (IVR) strategies, ensuring your customers reach the right team on their first attempt.

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Quick, self-contained configuration

Save time and resources with Kavkom’s simple configuration system, enabling fast commissioning of your customer-facing teams, without the need for expensive equipment.

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