The telephone system for ambitious small businesses

Deploy your Cloud telephony solution in the blink of an eye and propel your productivity to new heights. Thanks to real-time CRM and helpdesk integrations, you can instantly adapt your services to meet ever-increasing demand.

Image illustrant un système de téléphonie moderne adapté aux petites entreprises ambitieuses
8000 clients already trust us

With Kavkom, exceed your customers' expectations

Image illustrant une installation facile pour optimiser l'efficacité

Simplified installation for maximum efficiency

“We’ve increased our targets by 10% thanks to the insights gained from caller ID and the analytics provided by the Kavkom telephony solution.”

Jules Romano
Co-founder @ Formideo

Renforcez votre compréhension de la productivité de votre équipe

Seamless integration with over 100 essential tools

“The transition to enterprise cloud telephony with Kavkom allows us to track KPIs to identify our strengths and weaknesses.”

Arnold Panou
CEO @ VAD Assistance

Image illustrant l'amélioration constante de l'expérience client

Continuous improvement of the customer experience

Boostez la Productivité de Votre Équipe : X fois plus d'efficacité !

Boost your team's productivity tenfold

“We evaluated several service providers, and Kavkom emerged as the only option that met our customer service requirements due to our unique business practices.”

Pierre Roche
Managing Partner of Groupe OREL

Features favored by small businesses

Quick start

Advanced statistics for a refined strategy

With the Kavkom dashboard, track every interaction and use data to deliver an unprecedented customer experience.

Interface utilisateur montrant l'accès facile aux outils existants avec un clic.

International numbers for unlimited development

Expand your presence with virtual numbers that let your business reach out locally and internationally, giving your customers the ease of contacting you, wherever they are.

Écran montrant une interface de configuration rapide et facile à utiliser

IVR menu and intuitive messaging

Guide your customers with an intuitive IVR menu and make sure they always reach the right person or service. Receive your voice messages directly by e-mail, so you never miss an opportunity.

 Renvoi d’Appel

Maximisez l’accessibilité et la flexibilité avec le transfert d’appel automatique Gérez et transférez vos appels entrants de manière optimale, que ce soit vers un numéro

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Explore the most effective features for your sales team when using Kavkom

Integrated with your favorite applications.

Kavkom enriches your experience by providing an ecosystem of integrations that seamlessly optimize all your core functions and processes.








Kavkom for smoother communication


Smooth telephone service

Ensure a constant presence with an efficient hotline. Always be available for your customers, even outside business hours.


Call groups and queues

Organize your team with precise call group management and keep your customers informed with a dynamic call queue.


Enhanced customer experience

Offer a warm welcome with a personalized greeting, manage simultaneous calls efficiently, ensure impeccable customer follow-up with customer file feedback, and much more.

Are you ready to improve your communications?

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