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Customer service departments and support teams play a crucial role in expanding your business, requiring sophisticated telephone systems. Kavkom, with its cloud-based telephony technologies, offers an innovative and efficient approach for customer service departments seeking to grow and strengthen.

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Optimize your customer relationship

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Contextualize each customer interaction

Transform each call into a customized experience with our Insight Cards.

As soon as the phone rings, instantly access the customer’s name and interaction history.

Integrated with over 100 customer service tools, including live chat, our system enriches your customer service and speeds up request resolution.

“We increased our goals by 10% thanks to the insights we gained through call tracking and the analytics provided by Kavkom’s phone system.”

Jules Romano
Co-founder @ Formideo

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Simplify data management

Save hours of work every week with automatic synchronization of notes and tags with your support service.

Reduce time spent on manual data entry, allowing your agents to focus more on customer support.

Additionally, ensure data accuracy by automatically recording all inbound and outbound calls.

“The transition to cloud-based business telephony with Kavkom allows us to track KPIs to identify our strengths and weaknesses.”

Arnold Panou
CEO @ VAD Assistance

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Route customers to the most qualified agents

Our Smartflows Call Routing technology allows you to visually create inbound call paths and deploy them with a single click.

Maximize efficiency from the first contact by automatically directing customers to the team or agent best equipped to meet their needs.

Our call routing system, based on criteria such as IVRs, schedules, and team specialties, ensures personalized customer service.

“We evaluated several service providers, and Kavkom emerged as the only option that allowed us to tailor our customer service requirements to our unique business practices.”

Pierre Roche
Managing Partner at Groupe OREL

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Make Integration Easy and Monitor Performance

Easily create new users and numbers in over 150 countries.

Our intuitive platform, enriched with features such as silent monitoring and coaching, simplifies integration.

Track individual and team performance in real time with our dynamic dashboard.

Leverage detailed analytics to identify and track communication trends with your customers, optimizing your customer relationship strategy.

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Ensure consistent call quality and reliability

Integrated with your favorite applications.

Kavkom enhances your experience by providing an integration ecosystem that seamlessly optimizes all of your essential functions and processes.















Preferred Features for Support and Customer Service Teams

Quick start

Data-Driven Optimization

Discover real-time operational efficiency with our interactive dashboard. Make informed decisions with accurate data analysis. Our robust API allows you to connect Kavkom to a variety of data sources, centralizing your report management in one place.

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Streamlined integration with your current tools

Enhance your VoIP communication management by seamlessly syncing with over 90 applications. With Kavkom’s user-friendly API and webhooks, you can enjoy an improved user experience and seamless connectivity.

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Self-sufficient and efficient setup

Save time and maximize the efficiency of your resources with Kavkom’s simplified setup. Enable your customer service teams to become operational quickly without the investment in expensive hardware. Achieve more with less through our intuitive and cost-effective solutions.

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