Detailed call log

Keep a history of all your calls and associated data, and find them easily by applying filters according to date, status, user, direction…

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View details of your call history

The call log is a feature that records and stores details of all calls within your company. Incoming, outgoing, missed, voicemail messages, date, duration… It provides you with complete, detailed data to help you manage your business.


Communications traceability

Kavkom’s Call Log enables you to track the complete history of your telephone communications and their recording, promoting precise traceability. Kavkom records all call details, including numbers, times, durations…


Performance Analysis

You can analyze call statistics to identify trends and peaks in activity, and optimize your resources. By evaluating customer interactions, the Call Log helps you improve your customer service and operational processes.


Find calls easily

Use advanced filters to display or export logs useful for your analysis: by department, user, date, status, direction, according to tags or simply with a telephone number. You have all the tools you need to find the calls that interest you.


"Kavkom has been the perfect answer to our business telephony needs. Their simple, reliable system, performance statistics, switchboard customization and ability to quickly call our key users have greatly enhanced our efficiency and customer satisfaction."

Ben Cauchois
VP Sales & Operations @ SEIZA

Outstanding communication quality

To reach its objectives and achieve exceptional performance, the use of the predictive dialer led to an increase in the number of candidates contacted. What’s more, thanks to Kavkom’s telephony solutions, waiting times have been considerably reduced, enabling calls to be handled more quickly. In addition, dunning times were reduced by 40%, improving the overall management of the recruitment process by making it more efficient.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I access the call log?

Users of VoIP business telephone systems, such as Kavkom, can easily consult their call logs by accessing the platform. To view your personal call history, connect via smartphone, computer, laptop or tablet. Click on the phone system icon, then on the call log icon.

Explore our call log to access all communications with a wealth of detail: user extension number, caller and called party numbers, duration, date, time, recording, status, direction, and much more crucial information.

The Kavkom call log lets you use advanced filters based on all available call details. Easily find a specific call or create customized lists for targeted management.

How long are call logs kept?

Your call logs and associated data are stored indefinitely and are accessible throughout your use of our VoIP telephony solution.

Absolutely! You can easily export your call logs to suit your needs. Our solution offers you the option of exporting the log in CSV format, ensuring maximum flexibility in processing the export file.

Call log access permissions are fully customizable to suit the specific needs of your teams. You can determine whether each user can access his or her own personal call log, or that of all users.

Integrated with your favorite applications.

Kavkom enriches your experience by providing an integration ecosystem that seamlessly optimizes all your core functions and processes.








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Find every call activity with Kavkom

Use Kavkom’s call logs and learn how to make the most of this feature.

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Customer service and after-sales support are exceptional. Their treatment efficiency is remarkable, with a score of 5 out of 5. The staff are friendly, quick and above all very efficient.


With Kavkom, a high-quality professional VoIP switchboard, I was pleasantly surprised by its practical options and Brayan’s support. Flexible account management and a wide choice of low-cost destinations. Congratulations to the Kavkom team for their excellent work!

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Convincing demonstration, subscription to VoIP telephony for business. Complete product, customizable, responsive. Satisfied with the result.

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