Software designed specifically for sales and e-commerce companies

Optimize customer support in a single call. Integrate your favorite e-commerce tools to centralize data and enhance the shopping experience. Even small businesses, such as online stores, can now access professional telephony solutions thanks to Kavkom’s mastery of IP technologies.

Un logiciel conçu spécialement pour les entreprises du secteur de la vente et du e-commerce
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Offer your customers an exceptional experience

Intégration de Kavkom à votre Plateforme de E-commerce

Integrate Kavkom into your e-commerce platform

  • Instant integration with e-commerce platforms: Kavkom connects effortlessly to platforms such as WordPress or Shopify.
  • Immediate access to customer information: as soon as a call is received, contact and order details are displayed on the Kavkom phone, eliminating the need for manual searches.
  • Essential features for growing online stores:
    • Building trusting relationships: telephone contact establishes solid links with customers seeking confidence and assurance, particularly for valuable products or services.
    • Speed of service: rapid problem resolution, effective information and advice speed up and enrich the purchasing experience, fostering customer loyalty.
    • Gathering valuable information: calls offer a direct and warm way of understanding customer perceptions of products and services, and the company’s image.
  • Crucial choice for telephone services: selecting the right telephone service is crucial to avoid unnecessary costs and wasted time.

“We’ve increased our targets by 10% thanks to the insights gained from caller ID and the analytics provided by the Kavkom telephony solution.”

Jules Romano
Co-founder @ Formideo

Équipe travaillant ensemble de manière harmonieuse et efficace

Reduce problem resolution time

  • Systematically direct your customers to the right agent, using efficient call routing and Interactive Voice Response (IVR), to maximize problem resolution from the very first call.
  • Enhance your customers’ shopping experience by quickly accessing their complete history, so you can resolve problems more efficiently and offer a tailored service.

Find out how to expand your global presence with Kavkom's virtual numbers

These numbers enable companies to have several local telephone lines without requiring a physical presence at these locations.

tratégie de vente axée sur la personnalisation

Optimize staff management by tracking call activity

  • Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs), such as missed call rate, call volume per agent and agent availability, to improve the customer experience.
  • Follow call activity in real time via our news feed, and quickly adjust your operational processes to meet changing requirements.
Image illustrant la personnalisation d'un SVI (Serveur Vocal Interactif) pour une expérience client exceptionnelle.

Make teleworking easier with our solution

  • Easily install Kavkom.
  • Keep teams connected, no matter where their offices are located.
  • Get instant access to over 80 integrations, and customize them with our Webhooks and open API to meet your specific requirements.

Integrated with your favorite applications.

Kavkom enriches your experience by providing an integration ecosystem that seamlessly optimizes all your core functions and processes.








Features appreciated by stores and e-tailers

Fonctionnalites standard telephonique

E-commerce integrations

Combine Kavkom with your preferred e-commerce platform to get a complete overview of your customers’ buying journey.

Un système de téléphonie avancé utilisé par une équipe informatique

Call routing

Easily define and adjust call routing and interactive voice response parameters to ensure customers are redirected to the right team on their first attempt.

Téléphonie en Cloud pour les Équipes de Vente de Logiciels

Detailed analysis

Control every interaction via the Kavkom dashboard, leverage data for strategic decisions and deliver exemplary shopping experiences.

Kavkom telephony tools for e-businesses

What is Kavkom and how does it benefit e-tailers?

  • Kavkom offers an IP-based cloud telephony solution, ideal for e-businesses.
  • Features include integration with e-commerce platforms, personalized telephone greetings and customer interaction tracking.
  • Web interface unifying corporate telephony and multifunctional CRM.
  • Virtual numbers for a local presence.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for 24/7 telephone reception.
  • Call tracking and management tools.
  • Offers a personalized, professional telephone service.
  • Enables efficient call management and improved customer follow-up.
  • Integrates with CRM tools for an enhanced customer experience.
  • Clear, professional communication.
  • Flexibility and scalability to adapt to the needs of e-businesses.
  • Reduced installation and maintenance costs.
  • Improved customer experience thanks to adapted telephone reception.
  • Tools to personalize interactions and better understand customer needs.

How does Kavkom help e-tailers achieve their sales targets?

  • Facilitates call management and improves operational efficiency.
  • Helps increase the volume and quality of customer interactions.
  • Quick and easy activation via a simple Internet connection.
  • Centralized telephony management, adaptable to a wide range of tools.
  • Virtual numbers adapted to customer location.
  • Customized settings for telephone reception and opening hours.
  • Automatic feedback of customer files during calls.
  • Interaction tracking and real-time editing of customer information via CRM.
  • Clear statistical tables to monitor call times and profitability.
  • Performance analysis to continuously improve customer service.
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