Phone software for call center and CRM

Phone software for call center and CRM
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Phone software for call center + CRM

The channels offered to customers for communicating, obtaining information, placing orders or appeals remain numerous today thanks to innovative technologies . This variety in the assets of the customer who can now interact with the company by voice or a digital system can be very beneficial if your company manages to centralize them.

If methods exist for this purpose, then call center and CRM phone software technology remains one of the best. What to know about this technology and what are its advantages?

Here is the answer.

A solution that offers a 360° vision of the customer relationship

Knowing how to collect, analyze and convert customer data remains a major requirement for a modern company wishing to begin its development and growth. However, without having the capacity to centralize your data, it is not possible to hope to make sufficient use of it. However, do not panic, solutions exist such as the association of your CRM with the various communication channels, in particular your call center.

How? ‘Or’ What? For example, by equipping yourself with our Centrex IP solution for SMEs and PMIs . In fact, the combination of CRM and call center software allows your agents to have a global view of customer information. In turn, this makes it easier for them to manage the relationship by offering the customer a much more proactive and personalized experience. For the company that uses our Centrex VoIP solution , this is an innovative combination to optimize its customer journey.

Save Time with Phone Software for Call Center and CRM

The combination of CRM and call center software remains the winning duo that your operators can use to provide customers with the appropriate answers to their request in real time. Indeed, as soon as the contact is made, the application automatically sends the data back by opening a window on the information relating to the customer. This facilitates the cross-checking of information to best meet customer expectations, and this in record time with our call reception software .

Once the customer’s request has been taken care of and processed as soon as possible, this can only create a relationship of trust between the customer and the company. For a new customer whose data is not yet in your company’s database, our software automatically creates a file. From then on, he records the call and adds all the necessary data to it. With our predictive calling software , it can be an even more productive experience.   

A tool that simplifies the task for staff

Receiving or making a call directly on their tool while handling customer data offers your agents a unique experience in terms of customer relationship management. This is a solution that not only simplifies their task, but also brings many advantages to your call tray. Indeed, thanks to the telephone software for call center and CRM, calls are made only in one click.

This solution makes it possible to obtain the systematic creation of customer files and their automatic recording in the CRM software. Likewise, it provides better data distribution by associating the data obtained from the calls with the appropriate files. In addition to preserving your conversation threads with your customers, you will no longer be subject to loss of customer data when you use our IPBX standard .

An effective sales and prospecting solution

Prospecting and selling its products and services being the goal of any company, the integration of CRM and call center software offers suitable solutions. To this end, for greater efficiency in your prospecting operations and presentation of commercial offers, for example, why not try our phoning software . In addition to being used to store data, this application is also used in the identification and qualification of prospects.

Better still, it allows you to channel and direct the efforts of your agents towards the objective in order to optimize their performance and their efficiency. While it’s less obvious how to convert all leads into customers, call center and CRM phone software will still help you compare and analyze your data. This in order to refine your business strategy and increase your profitability.

Integrating CRM with your call software remains the ideal solution for centralizing your data for the purpose of better analyzing it and developing relevant strategies for your box. In addition, it remains a cheaper solution.

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