What do I need to know about the installation of an IPBX or Centrex switchboard?

Que faut-il savoir sur l’installation d’un standard IPBX ou Centrex 
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The switchboard plays a key role in business. Do you plan to acquire one? In addition to the estimate, you must know what the installation of an IPBX or Centrex switchboard, for example, requires. Should you entrust its implementation to a service provider like Kavkom? As a VoIP operator, we offer equipment and services adapted to your professional telephony needs. Find here all the practical information on the implementation of these systems.

Standard IPBX or Centrex: different locations

Between standard IPBX and Centrex, the difference is enormous even if they commonly exploit IP telephony:

  • A switchboard of the IPBX type (Internet Protocol Branch eXchange or private telephone switchboard via the Internet) is a complex system . To work, its infrastructure must be installed within your company . It uses internet protocol (IP) on your local network to route your business communications internally and externally. This technology also reduces telecommunication costs and maintenance costs. It makes it possible to deploy new lines and provide new services without making additional purchases.
  • The Centrex is also a business telephony solution . It is hosted by your service provider , therefore outside your premises. Just like the IPBX, it centralizes all your incoming and outgoing calls. It will then automatically redirect them to external or internal recipients. Outsourcing the switchboard is both practical and economical for single-site or multi-site companies. It connects the tools you usually use (fax, telephones, videoconferences, PC, etc.) to a single network.

Installing an IPBX or Centrex switchboard in your company: the steps

  • Have you bought or rented your IPBX switch and want to install it on your company premises? Your service provider is able to carry out the implantation. He will take care of the opening of your line and your access to the telecommunications networks he manages. In principle, the procedure is done in two stages : deploying the necessary equipment and configuring the entire network and telephone terminals.

The deployment of equipment for this type of switchboard requires the intervention of one or more technicians. Indeed, you have to connect your entire fleet (including the IPBX switch, the telephones and the computer network) with RJ45 type cables. This phase is quick, because it consists of connecting your telephones to the IP network before connecting them to the computers. Thereafter, maintenance of the PBX can usually be performed remotely.

  • As for Centrex, it is a fully outsourced telephony solution. It simplifies the management of your business telephony system. Did you choose it as your switchboard? So you don’t have to worry about installing the necessary equipment. Your service provider will take care of everything, from setting up the various equipment to starting up the entire network. Indeed, their settings are tailor-made to take advantage of the many features offered by this technology.

Switchboard IPBX and Centrex: Kavkom’s offers

At Kavkom, we offer to assist you in setting up your switchboard. You have two options for its installation: we provide you with the PBX equipment adapted to your needs and we install and configure it on your company premises. We connect your digital or analog terminals, your soft phones connected to a computer on the IPBX standard equipped with all the functionalities necessary for your professional activities.

You can also choose to outsource your telephony to us via a Centrex and access various innovative services while saving on your telecom bills. Our offers include different subscriptions for a defined number of telephone lines. You choose the package that suits you and you will be able to take full advantage of all the possibilities of our telephone exchange. You don’t have to invest heavily since you only pay for your monthly subscriptions.

Our services exploit the scalability of VoIP technology, completely innovating the field of telecommunications and corporate business communications. Thus, we are able to satisfy a growing number of VSEs, SMEs and SMIs at competitive prices.

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