Centrex VoIP solution

Centrex VoIP solution
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Do you want to modernize your telephone system? Are you also considering delegating your business telephony to an external service provider without changing numbers? Discover the benefits of adopting our Centrex VoIP solution . At Kavkom, we provide you with the many innovations brought about by advances in VoIP technology.

Centrex VoIP, the new generation telephone switchboard

Our Centrex VoIP solution will help your company completely dispense with its PABX or IPBAX telephone switchboard. You will be able to outsource the management of your phone system to Kavkom’s cloud. You thus benefit from a complete professional telephony solution, without debiting a substantial investment from your cash flow .

The telephone platform that we offer is installed on our premises and uses our network. By opting for this type of switchboard, you keep your numbers. Our packages allow you to simultaneously manage your telephony, your entire local network and your Internet access. You then have perfect control of your telecom budget . Stable and flexible, this technology gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the many innovations of VoIP telephony with ease.

The advantages of the centrex IP solution

The outsourced switchboard is easy to deploy. Turnkey solution for professional telephony, it is quickly operational. Your service provider supports your telephone platform. He provides maintenance, management of incoming and outgoing calls as well as regular updates. This will allow you to stay focused on your core business . With our VoIP centrex, you have all the extended functions of a switchboard , without having to maintain it on your own.

By outsourcing your telephony, you free yourself from all the technical and financial constraints associated with the use of a traditional PABX. Thanks to automatic updates, IP telephony is rich in features. Among other things, this business telephony model offers the following advantages:

  • its convenience : you don’t have to change numbers. Its portability allows you to keep and use the ones you already use. With this solution, you can manage your telephony and your internet connection at the same time.
  • its flexibility : with this type of telephony, you have the possibility of adjusting the number of your telephone lines without constraint. The size of your business does not matter. Depending on the evolution of your needs, you are free to add telephone terminals.
  • its implementation , which reduces the financial resources allocated to telecommunications tools: it does not require the installation of a telephone network. Your calls to national and international landlines are both unlimited and free. All the equipment to be used is supplied pre-configured. If you want to add an extension, just plug it in and that’s it.

The IP centrex is a solution to optimize the responsiveness of your customer service , whether you are a VSE, an SME or an SMI. It is used to initiate or strengthen the development of your business internationally. Outsourcing your switchboard also opens up new prospects for you. Your marketing campaigns will be more effective, for example, by exploiting the multiple possibilities of telephony and IT via call centers and the use of CRM tools.

Kavkom, your partner in IP telephony

At Kavkom, we develop innovative solutions that our teams of technicians will adapt to your case. Based on VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology, our offers meet the expectations of VSEs, SMEs and SMIs who choose our services. Our servers combine the power of the Internet and the multiple services of a PABX or an IPBX. Our outsourced telephony packages are also suitable for all budgets. We offer affordable subscriptions while offering more features in our various business telephony solutions. Choosing our single subscription for your Internet connection and your business telephony also means simplifying your telecom bills. Switching to IP telephony allows you to reduce them by 20 to 30%. You benefit from unlimited calls to all landlines in France and abroad. This situation is particularly advantageous for call centers . For further :

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