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Do you want to boost your prospecting and reception performance? Enjoy the benefits of Kavkom call center software.
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Do you want to implement practical and efficient software to manage communications in your call center? Kavkom has the telephony solution you need. A must for telemarketing and call answering businesses, our call center software provides all the benefits you expect from this type of tool, and more. More details in this article.

Explore Kavkom Call Center Software

Kavkom telephone call center software is a program specially developed for managing telephone calls in a call center. This solution allows you to efficiently carry out activities of sending or receiving calls, making appointments, surveys, etc. As a guarantee of its reliability, our call center software complies with the GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation. We strive, moreover, to constantly improve our service, particularly in the areas of information security, breach management, content management, data visibility, management of individual rights and management of recordings.

Software to be effective in prospecting and receiving calls

Our call center software brings together all the essential features to ensure the productivity and viability of your call center. It has, in particular, tools for:

It is an outgoing call initiation system that automatically dials numbers from a given list of phone numbers. Indispensable for call centers, this feature of call center software makes it possible to dial a large volume of numbers at the same time. This allows operators to save time and focus on their main task.

Like the autodialer, the automated prospecting program initiates outbound calls automatically from a given contact list. This system is distinguished, however, by the fact that it then broadcasts pre-recorded audio information.

  • Interactive voice server:

This technology is used to manage a large number of incoming calls and provide answers to customers without using the company’s human resources. Acting as a switchboard, this program automatically picks up calls from customers or prospects. The latter can obtain the answers they expect by interacting with the software via the keys of their telephone. They can also be redirected to the appropriate customer advisor in the event of more specific requests.

  • Receiving calls:

This is the tool that manages the flow of incoming calls to a call center and directs them to the first available adviser. With this feature of the call center software, incoming calls are answered quickly, maximizing customer satisfaction.

A software solution to accelerate the growth of your business

Apart from these main features, the call center software is also designed to help you manage your campaigns and teams efficiently . All this, in order to increase your performance and thus support you in the growth of your business. The software provides your agents’ call statistics in real time. Thanks to this, you can easily measure the productivity of your agents. Other performance analysis tools are also available to you. It is, for example, possible to listen to a call in progress and intervene to help your operator without the customer noticing. You can also record calls and keep them to review as many times as you want.

Why choose Kavkom?

Since its creation in 2012, Kavkom has been helping businesses grow by providing them with a full range of communication tools based on VoIP technology . These are tools that are intended to be revolutionary in terms of their use and costs, but also in terms of the immediate benefits they bring to our customers. We provide call centers with hosted telephony systems and hosted solutions that are affordable and easy to handle. These are, in short, all the tools you need to improve your sales, your communication and also, your customer service. Related: auto dialer software

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