SME VSE online phoning software

SME VSE online phoning software
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Manager of an SME or a VSE, you want to invest in a powerful tool to prospect effectively? We have the solution adapted to your needs and which even exceeds your expectations. Our SME and VSE online phoning software offer is specially designed for small structures looking to optimize their sales and marketing campaigns. A brief overview to better inform you on the subject.

What is phoning software?

The most important activity of direct marketing, phoning is carried out with the aim of obtaining appointments or making sales. It consists of conducting a telephone prospecting operation , presenting a commercial offer and thus expanding the company’s client portfolio.

Of course, this marketing strategy requires a complete database with the contact of targeted prospects as well as a successful sales team. However, you should know that the success of telephone prospecting depends largely on the use of a suitable professional tool .

As its name already suggests, phoning software or softphone is a solution designed to optimize telephone prospecting within a company . It is based on sophisticated computer algorithms through which the software automates dialing and matching. This phoning solution also improves operator productivity.

The advantages of phoning software in an SME and TPE

If the main use of phoning software is to automate calls , it usually has many other interesting features. This solution thus has several undeniable advantages for the salesperson, but also for the company.

First, the phoning software greatly facilitates the work of salespeople and improves their performance. Because the phoning software automatically dials the numbers, dialing errors often encountered during manual call dialing are avoided. In addition, the solution intelligently manages callbacks. It also makes it possible to avoid redundancies, non-responses, as well as answering machines. Thanks to its automatic dialer function, this solution also saves real time . Indeed, operators no longer waste time dialing prospects’ numbers themselves, or waiting for the lines to connect. In addition, there is no more dead time between calls since as soon as an agent is available, the software immediately assigns him a call.

This softphone also has the advantage of allowing you to easily manage the efficiency of your team . With just a few clicks, you can track your agents’ productivity and performance. Thanks to a dashboard in the software, it is possible to see the work done by your salespeople. And at the end of the prospecting, you recover the completed files. Thus, you have total control of the activities.

Kavkom: a trusted partner

Since its creation, Kavkom’s ambition has been to modernize business communications and business collaboration using tools that are revolutionizing business telephony. We base ourselves on our technical expertise and we always adapt to new technologies to provide our customers with effective, easy-to-use tools and above all at attractive prices.

Among our full range of communication tools, we offer Kavkom online phoning software for SMEs and VSEs . Designed by telephone prospecting professionals, this solution is acclaimed by small structures for its great ease of use. Indeed, all you have to do is import the file containing the contact data into the software. Then, you download one of the operating applications already available on our site, in the “download” section. Then it’s up to the Kavkom phoning software to do the rest; you just have to work on your prospecting. Our Kavkom online phoning software is also designed with user-friendly and easy-to-use ergonomics.

Our Kavkom phoning software is cloud accessible and ready to use. It is activated instantly and is operational in less than a minute after your order, regardless of your location. Do you have several sites located around the world? Know that thanks to our phoning software, you also have the ability to manage them simultaneously on your dashboards. To go further: interactive voice server solution

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