Centrex IP for SME PMI: what interest for your company?

Centrex IP pour PME PMI : quel intérêt pour votre entreprise ?
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Are you planning to install professional telephony at a lower price? Kavkom offers a wide range of solutions tailored to your telecommunications needs and expectations, including the IP centrex offer for SMEs and PMIs . This includes multiple scalable features, intended to satisfy professionals in their daily activities. In addition, we support you in the choice of the telephone switchboard to be implemented in your company.

Centrex IP: what is it exactly?

The IP centrex is a telephone exchange hosted by an external service provider, unlike the PABX (Private Automatic Branch eXchange) and the IPBX (Internet Protocol Private Branch eXchange). Indeed, the latter are installed within the company itself.

How does the IP centrex work? This system establishes temporary links between different users of your telephone network. It also allows you to manage the internal and external communications of your telephone fleet, and in our case, within your SME or SMI. Like the PBX, this type of switch uses your local area network (LAN) and your internet connection via your IP (Internet Protocol) as a communication channel.

What features are you looking for?

Intended for professionals, this system has all the features of a conventional switchboard . This complex set of devices ensures:

  • the administration of telephone terminals , including digital and analog sets,
  • call interception,
  • the distribution of incoming calls (call identification, call transfer, etc.),
  • management of internal and external calls, including queues,
  • the automatic setting up of conferences or teleconference calls (or conference calls),
  • conversation recording,
  • dialing and messaging services,
  • call forwarding,
  • the operation of the voicemail,
  • the processing of received data, such as fax.

The IP centrex is a particularly advantageous solution for SMEs-SMIs, whose activities are still in the start-up phase. These companies can allocate a small budget to it, since it requires a low investment . In addition, the charges are distributed by month to reduce expenses.

Why choose an IP centrex?

You can opt for the IP centrex as your business telephony solution , as it simplifies the management of your incoming and outgoing calls. Do you want to outsource your switchboard to reduce your telecom costs? SMEs and SMIs are the preferred customers of IP centrex providers. They are more and more attracted by the possibilities offered by this solution. What are the advantages of such a system?

  • This is IP telephony: it just needs internet access to work.
  • It is easy to deploy: all you have to do is connect your company’s telephones to your local network and to your Internet line. You thus benefit from unlimited telephone exchanges and which will not be invoiced in themselves.
  • The IP centrex is suitable for all areas of activity. The ease of installation, management and service of this innovative technology will impact your telephone bills. Indeed, outsourced IP telephony considerably reduces your telecom costs. Only the number of lines and, for certain situations, the volume of “data”, are counted.
  • Thanks to this IP telephony system, your SME or SMI no longer needs to interrupt its current activities, nor to renew its existing external communication infrastructures.
  • Your company can also keep its phone numbers so that your customers can continue to contact you and use your services.

You can also choose Centrex VoIP , another cloud-based IP telephony technology. It involves more advanced communication features, but at a lower cost for installation and maintenance costs.

IP Centrex for SMEs PMI with Kavkom

Kavkom is revolutionizing the world of professional telephony with its equipment using VoIP technology. It offers SMEs and SMIs a wide variety of state-of-the-art hardware and software, completely modernizing business communications with their advanced features. Its offers combine simplicity of installation and high performance. Thanks to the reliability of its outsourcing services for telephone services and the lower costs of its hosting system, the companies that have chosen it as a supplier and partner have seen their telecom bills decrease and their profitability increase.

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