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Are you looking for a software solution to better manage and succeed in your telephone prospecting campaigns? Kavkom teleprospecting software is what you need. Reliable, efficient and easy to use, this tool will not only help you save time, but also optimize the productivity of your prospectors. Details in this article.

Teleprospecting software, what is it exactly?

A teleprospecting software is a computer program developed to facilitate the management of calls from customers or prospects in order to retain those who are already acquired and attract new ones. It can be progressive, predictive or preview dialing software. Each program has its own mode of operation. Nevertheless, they have one thing in common: to optimize the performance of teleconsultants and ensure the profitability of your company.

The software can automatically dial several thousand telephone numbers to broadcast a voice message, redirect the prospect to a telephone adviser, leave him a voice message or send him an SMS. How to choose the right number software for telephone prospecting? It all depends on the needs and objectives of your company. You must first define the number of prospects you want to contact per day, the number of telephone interviews you want to carry out.

The different types of teleprospecting software

There are currently several types of teleprospecting software:

  • The predictive system

The operation of this software is simple: it contacts several prospects simultaneously and returns the first call answered to the first available agent, and so on. If no agent is free, the call is automatically and directly hung up.

  • progressive calling software

Practical, this program studies the list of contacts. When adjudicating an appeal, the system automatically dials the prospector’s number. It can trigger hundreds or even thousands of outbound calls without the agent doing anything. The other advantage with this system is that it avoids dead time, that is to say the time interval between two calls.

  • preview mode

This one is different from the other two programs in that it gives the telemarketer the possibility of seeing the information concerning the prospect before the launch of the outgoing call.

Why use teleprospecting software?

In general, phoning software for teleprospecting offers the first advantage of saving time . As the program automatically launches the calls, the teleconsultant no longer has to perform any intervention. All he will have to do is run the “Auto dialer” program. In addition, this allows him to focus on other tasks or respond effectively to the request of a particular prospect.

Teleprospecting software is also useful to avoid wasting time with calls ringing in the void, invalid numbers or wrong numbers, etc. In a way, the program also allows you to update your contact list. In addition, in case of no answer, the program calls back the numbers at the right time.

The use of teleprospecting software also facilitates team supervision . Indeed, the program displays the results of the agents in real time: the number of successful calls, unanswered calls, calls falling on a voicemail, etc. Each telemarketer will then know what they must do to improve their performance. This is also ideal for optimizing cell and company productivity.

Kavkom, to support your growth

Kavkom is a provider of business telephony solutions. Our goal being to modernize business communications and business collaboration, we only have quality, high-performance and innovative tools. Also, we strive to build relationships based on mutual trust and respect. We are committed to accompanying and supporting the growth and development of your business.

We offer you our call robot to lighten the tasks of your agents and help them save time and increase productivity. Our software is easy to install and simple to use. Indeed, its installation is done in a very short time: less than a minute. Once installed, it is immediately operational . In addition to chaining calls, it also displays telemarketer statistics. And to better help you familiarize yourself with its use, Kavkom remains at your disposal and puts its team of experts at your disposal.

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