How to benefit from a virtual number?


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Do you want to expand internationally, gain new market share? Be close to your customers and partners wherever they are! With the virtual phone number, you switch to universal communication to instantly meet the needs of your prospects. The VoIP number gives you the benefit of an omnipresence that will facilitate the management of your customer relationship.

Are you a French company with customers and suppliers abroad? You can have a local number so your customers can reach you easily and at no extra cost. In Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg and everywhere else, a geographic number will allow you to benefit from a call at a local rate.

How is the portability of your virtual number going?

The portability of your virtual number allows you to change operator while keeping your mobile phone number. Simple and fast, this operation is carried out in complete safety at Kavkom. We can ensure the portability of your virtual number thanks to a portability mandate. This step requires the provision of your Kbis and the manager’s identity document, as well as the last invoice from your current supplier. Indeed, the portability of your virtual number allows you to keep your number provided by your former operator.

Once the porting has been validated and the mandate signed, you can have a switchboard in several countries to centralize and manage incoming and outgoing calls seamlessly. By the way, what is the purpose and operation of a geographic number?

How does a geographic number work?

A virtual number or DID number makes you benefit from the coordinates of a traditional telephone except that it does not depend on any physical telecommunication line. Thus, you will be able to obtain a DID number similar to a landline or mobile number. Set it up on all the devices you use and you won’t miss any calls from your customers.

Due to its neutrality and flexibility, the virtual number is ideal to support the multinational conversion of your company. Able to use any country code, it allows you to cultivate a close relationship with your customers. And this, regardless of their geographical location! They will indeed have the impression that it is a local number.

What are the advantages of having a virtual number?

Benefit from the power of fluid, instantaneous international communication at a lower cost! With your geographic number, your switchboard becomes multinational. In Switzerland or Thailand, your customer can dial a local number and be redirected to an IVR (Interactive Voice Server) or contact your customer advisor directly, at no additional cost.

The voip number also eliminates any discomfort when it comes to telecommunication. No more network problems and unavailability of the correspondent. The Kavkom VoIP number can be reached at any time. A simple internet connection and a microphone allows you to access your line via our web application.

Thanks to dematerialized communication, you will receive all incoming calls from any device. The virtual number thus facilitates remote collaboration and streamlines communication with your employees. You can easily reach them from their computer or smartphone.

Setting up a Kavkom virtual phone number takes less than 60 seconds and just a few clicks. Define the geographic scope in which you want to operate. Choose the telephone codes that will be useful to you.

Kavkom will then configure your voip number to make it accessible from several countries of your selection. Apart from the flexibility and portability of your number, you will also benefit from advanced automated call system features. Take advantage of an unlimited, non-binding package subscription, including our CRM and IVR tools. Thus, your sales team will be able to schedule calls more efficiently and optimize customer prospecting through the dissemination of targeted messages.

Virtual business phone number in 3 clicks

Get a secure local number with Kavkom, the provider of cloud telephony solutions for businesses. By means of a subscription, you can acquire a DID number for the countries of your choice. Select the countries to which you wish to assign a geographic number. You will then obtain the country codes which will precede your company number.

Once you have chosen the digits that will compose your number, all you have to do is activate it with one click. You can then start making VoIP calls. Know that with Kavkom it is possible to buy as many virtual numbers to better manage national and international calls. Thus, you can choose between a local (01) and international (+65) code.

Through the Phone System, you will be able to provide a low-cost switchboard from the cloud system. You will then have a voice mailbox capable of handling hundreds to thousands of calls simultaneously. By making a comparative business telephony, you will know that choosing a virtual phone number is definitely the option of communication at the lowest cost!

From now on, take advantage of your subscription to Kavkom services to make international calls at local rates. The registration process is done in three clicks:

  1. Validate your email address at
  2. Complete your account details.
  3. Take advantage of a free minute to test the potential of Kavkom.

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