VoIP Operator for Call Centers

Increase the productivity of your call center by choosing a VoIP operator for call centers. Kavkom will meet all your expectations.
Operateur VoIP pour Call Center
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Call centers currently occupy an important place in the field of customer contact. customer contacts . To meet the ever-increasing demand, Kavkom offers several VoIP operator solutions for call centers. We provide you with high-performance, scalable software to help you manage your inbound and outbound calls.

Kavkom VoIP operators: a practical and cost-effective solution for call centers

  • VoIP telephony for call centers

In recent years, the use of VoIP telephony (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony has become standard practice for companies working in the customer contact sector. That’s why Kavkom has decided to offerVoIP subscription solutionsfor call centers. Generally speaking, IP telephony uses an Internet protocol to transmit voice communications from one caller to another. What’s more, this feature allows you to enjoy greater mobility, as the IP numbers numbers are not tied to a specific device.

  • The benefits of VoIP telephony for call centers

This technology is currently very advantageous, as it allows you to lower communications costs . In fact, VoIP telephony rates are currently more affordable than traditional telephony subscriptions. Kavkom supports call centers by providing IP telephony solutions solutions adapted to each business sector. Whether you specialize in receiving or transmitting calls, Kavkom has quality telecommunication offers at the best price. We also have a range of collaborative management tools to help you get the job done. What’s more, our virtual switchboards for customer service are high-performance.

VoIP operator solutions for call centers available from Kavkom

Kavkom, the VoIP telephony VoIP telephony offers a range of call center software. Our offers have been specially designed for SMEs and SMIs looking for a reliable VoIP operator. What’s more, we offer customized, scalable solutions to meet your company’s needs. Our various services will also enable call centers to master state-of-the-art tools.

  • Predictive Dialer software: the VoIP operator for call centers that will boost your productivity

Kavkom’s Phoning Predictive Dialer is VoIP software based on an automated calling system. This software has been specially designed to improve the productivity of call centers employing several agents. This practical feature automates calls and call-backs without agents having to manually dial numbers. What’s more, it limits idle time between calls by filtering out redundancies, answering machines, faxes, wrong numbers and non-answers.

Phoning” call management software also comes with a number of features, including statistical tools, CRM tools, survey and campaign management tools, callback management tools, and a range of services. These tools have been set up to improve the follow-up of a telephone campaign.

  • Robotic call center software from Kavkom

Kavkom’s call robotsoftware or “Auto Dialer Auto Dialer “is a practical and economical VoIP operator. This tool automatically broadcasts a pre-recorded voice message to millions of users without any human intervention. Ideal for small structures, this tool enables you to carry out outgoing call campaigns in the shortest possible time, reaching the maximum number of contacts. The main advantage of auto dialer software is that it can handle up to 60,000 simultaneous calls per hour. What’s more, it can be used for all kinds of campaigns, such as prospecting, event notifications, advertising, bill collection, opinion polls, direct marketing and market research.

The ” call robot Kavkom’s “call robot” software is also followed by an interactive server function. The latter enables call recipients to interact with voice messages to access certain information or to be redirected to a direct-contact telephone advisor.

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