Phone call management software

Phone call management software
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Are you looking for a solution to optimize the management of your telephone calls ? The function of telephone call management represents a difficult task for companies receiving calls, especially for those for which it is the main activity. They need to manage the numerous calls, the list of contacts, the archiving of calls, the monitoring of agents, etc. As a result, they need to have a complete and efficient tool, in particular a management software. ‘phone call. Kavkom, your VoIP operator , offers just that.

Choosing phone call management software

This innovative tool has been designed to facilitate the management of a telephone base. Its features and performance vary from provider to provider. Thus, it is essential for you to know your real needs and understand the software before making your choice. We can say that a software is efficient if it includes at least the following functions:

  • monitoring of operators (prospectors, after-sales agents, customer service agents, etc.);
  • optimization of the contact list;
  • management of incoming calls;
  • outgoing call management.

Nowadays, telephony solutions using the Internet ( VoIP ) are the most popular, and rightly so. They have particular benefits for the company, including making calls to any country. In addition, unlike using traditional telephony, calls are billed according to your internet package only.

Very often, telephony solutions also have a two-way messaging function (voicemail): you can therefore leave a message in the voicemail of your client or prospect and he can also leave you a message. On your side, the voice message will be received in the form of an email (audio attachment).

If you have several sites around the world, opt for a telephone call management software with a multitasking function. Thanks to the latter, you only use a virtual number and via the interface of your software, you can send calls to your operators wherever they are.

Phone Call Management Software: Benefits

In addition to the good practices that call centers must adopt (courtesy, empathy, clear expression, etc.), the use of call management software reflects a more professional image of your company. In addition, the telephone call management software saves time. Indeed, the agents/operators no longer have to dial the numbers one by one thanks to the automatic dialing function .

By using telephone call management software, you can easily carry out your customer follow-up. It automatically compiles all the call history and the solutions already proposed, which makes it possible to direct the following answers.

It also allows you to easily coach your operators. The software effectively allows you to listen to calls in progress and intervene without the caller’s knowledge if the agent has a problem. Besides, there is a call recording option. These audio files can then be consulted at will. This function aims to further improve telephone reception.

For a call center, having telephone call management software makes it possible to retain customers and prospects. Indeed, the quality of the call depends on the satisfaction of the caller. This quality generally includes the welcome and the solution provided to the problem.

The telephone call management software also provides call statistics. This parameter allows you to carry out in real time, or later, an analysis of the performance of your company and thus identify the points for improvement.

Kavkom, your ally in telephone management tools

Since our creation in 2012, we have provided VoIP lines, telephony software (software/predictive dialer, robot software), a virtual number, a switchboard to call centers wishing to innovate in their services. Our Centrex VoIP telephony services and software solutions have been designed to be easily integrated into your system. They are reliable, easy to handle and can be personalized according to the size of your company (VSE, SME, SMI, etc.) and your expectations.

The switchboard that we offer includes all the features facilitating telephone call management: multi-site management, statistics, voicemail, virtual number, reports & analysis, and many more. Its main advantage is the reduction of your telecom costs. In addition, we support you in the installation of the software.

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