VoIP call center subscription

Enhance your call center business with VoIP telephony subscription solutions from Kavkom.
VoIP call center subscription
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Kavkom, the specialist in professional IP telephony, offers different types of VoIP call center subscriptions. We have a number of tailor-made solutions to meet our customers’ needs. What’s more, our various customized formulas are perfectly suited to the needs of call-center operators, as they are both reliable and cost-effective .

VoIP telephony: the ideal solution for call centers

  • How does VoIP telephony work?

Many companies are now opting for VoIP telephony, or Voice over Internet Protocol. This technology enables telephone calls to be made over a broadband Internet connection and local area network (LAN). VoIP transcribes voice sound into a digital packet for transmission over the transmission over the Internet . Telephone signals from the web are then converted back into standard audio format on arrival.

  • The benefits of VoIP

IP telephony offers a number of advantages for businesses. First and foremost, this technology enables considerable savings on telecom bills. In fact, VoIP calls are less expensive than those over a traditional PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) PBX. The adoption of VoIP is also a real prospect for the future, as the price of bandwidth is currently falling. What’s more, IP telephony offers greater freedom and mobility, as communication devices are no longer physically connected to lines, and users can keep their numbers while on the move.

The different types of VoIP call center subscriptions available from Kavkom

Kavkom offers a wide range of services to meet the needs of call centers. Whether you specialize in outbound calls, inbound calls or customer relationship management, our services can be tailored to your business . We also offer cloud-based telephony solutions.

  • Predictive Dialer phoning software from Kavkom

This offer improves the management of inbound and outbound marketing campaigns by call centers. This software increases the volume of useful calls and the performance of your teams, as it can automatically initiate calls and reminders. This predictive dialer solution also reduces idle time between 2 calls, while avoiding answering machines, faxes and “no answers”. Software subscription rates vary according to the destinations available for unlimited calls. The software also comes with a number of analysis tools, such as monitoring functions for listening to and recording calls, a supervision tool displaying call statistics, and a collaboration tool for instant e-mail and shared appointments.

  • Auto dialer software for call centers from Kavkom

Subscribing to Kavkom’s “software robot” or “auto dialer ” offer means you can take advantage of an auto-dialer system. This device automatically broadcasts pre-recorded voice messages by calling millions of users. This solution is ideal for optimizing your outbound call campaigns, as it can handle up to 60,000 simultaneous calls per hour per campaign, without any human intervention. The software also features an interactive server function, enabling call recipients to interact with the robot by pressing certain keys on a telephone.

  • The Kavkom API: the interface of choice in customer relations

Kavkom offers an API (Application Programming Interface) to support call centers specializing in customer relations. This tool, which is compatible with an automatic VoIP switchboard, is used to establish connections between several software programs to facilitate data exchange. This feature automatically displays customer data by associating incoming call numbers with their respective files. The API is the ideal tool for providing quality customer service. It facilitates communications with customers by providing access to exchange histories. What’s more, the Kavkom works with several enterprise resource planning enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software.

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