Cloud call center telephony solution

Cloud call center telephony solution
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Do you want to install a modern and efficient call center telephony system to optimize your company’s productivity and accelerate its growth? You’re in luck, Kavkom, your VoIP operator , has the solution for you: the call center cloud telephony tool. Adapted to structures of all sizes, this professional telephony solution can be used both internally and when roaming. Here is everything you need to know about this tool.

Cloud call center telephony solution: the different features

Having effective business telephony is very important, especially for call centers and telephone customer service professionals. By the way, this tool has an impact not only on the work of operators, but also on the management of clients.

A call center cloud telephony solution is a telephony system specially developed for use on IP networks. Its operation is simple: the voice signal emitted during the call is transformed into a digital format in order to be transmitted via the Internet.

More efficient and more flexible than traditional telephony, the cloud telephony solution gives access to many advanced features:

  • Interactive voice server : a telephone reception service which consists of picking up incoming calls and then directing them via a pre-recorded script to the right person.
  • Call recordings: you can record all calls from your operators or just a few. It is then possible to download, read and delete them whenever you want.
  • Virtual number offered: Kavkom provides you with a local telephone number in the country of your choice, a proximity index for your customers.
  • Real-time statistics and reports: intended for call centers , our solution is developed with monitoring tools to monitor your teams and their performance.
  • Other services: click-to-call, music on hold and messaging, call restriction, presence indication, etc.

Special features of the call center cloud telephony solution

If you opt for a call center cloud telephony solution, your switchboard is no longer within the walls of your company. It is hosted on an external server . This technology has many advantages:

  • All the infrastructure constraints of traditional telephony no longer exist. Thanks to cloud hosting, virtual telephony does not require any physical installation in your company . With the exception, of course, of the telephone sets of each user.
  • Your professional telephony solution can be used from anywhere and on any device (landline or mobile), as long as there is internet access.
  • You can add or delete lines to your telephone park in one click as your call center evolves. In addition, it is possible to do it independently from the computer interface.
  • If you have access to a complete telephony solution, your subscription relieves you of all technical concerns. It is usually your telecom provider who takes care of the maintenance. If necessary, a team of experts is at your disposal to provide you with the technical assistance you expect.

Even more advantages with the Kavkom offer

Kavkom is a communication service provider established in the market since 2012. Its mission is to modernize business communications and business collaboration. We thus offer a full range of communication tools based on VoIP technology . Tools that are revolutionizing business telephony through their use, their cost and the immediate benefits they offer our customers.

To help your business grow, we provide easy-to-use, affordable hosted call center solutions. In doing so, we hope to give your company the tools it needs to improve sales, communication and customer service.

Because compliance with data security regulations is at the heart of business concerns today, our team also ensures your GDPR compliance. We have therefore made improvements in the areas of information security, breach management, content management, data visibility, individual rights management and records management.

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