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Are you thinking about the need to adopt a high-performance system to offer your customers a high-quality telephone greeting and better manage your calls? The virtual switchboard is the solution for you. Thanks to this device, several communication functions and services are available to you. However, it’s not easy to choose from the countless offers for
professional VoIP switchboard
on the market today. Fortunately, Kavkom helps you.

Why choose a virtual switchboard?

High-quality telephone answering is closely linked to customer satisfaction and sales, whether you’re a large or small company. With the best switchboard, you’ll be able to deal efficiently with incoming calls and handle those you can’t answer.

Analog telephone switchboards are over! Today, there’s a cloud-hosted solution known as a virtual switchboard . An evolution of traditional telephony, this new technology offers more efficient, flexible and above all more economical services, without taking up space in your company.

Best virtual switchboard Kavkom

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Many companies have opted for
IP telephony
telephony for cost reasons. In fact, those who have opted for this type of switchboard have made huge savings on their telecoms bills. What’s more, it requires no hardware, no cabling, and even fewer installation costs.

Using a professional
professional VoIP switchboard
switchboard also reflects efficiency and a positive image of your company. Thanks to this solution, VSEs and SMEs can offer their customers a quality of welcome previously reserved for large companies. The choice of this technology is also a major advantage for companies with several head offices, since it enables communications to be centralized.

Solution: Cloud telephony

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100% unlimited incoming calls
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Free virtual number Click to access the list of 100 available countries

Our advice for choosing the best virtual switchboard

The basic features of the switchboard

The basic features of the switchboard:

Many platforms today offer telephone answering solutions, but with only two or three features. To choose the right switchboard, make sure it includes the minimum functionality required, i.e. call reception and transfer, call queuing and voicemail.

The costs involved

Les coûts impliqués:

You’ll also need to consider the cost of
receiving calls
when choosing a virtual switchboard. In fact, some providers set a minute limit for incoming calls. Beware of very economical offers with limited call reception, but which are very expensive once this limit is exceeded.

Support options included

Les options de support incluses:

It’s also important to take into account the performance of your virtual switchboard provider’s customer service to help you in the event of a problem.

Tailor-made switchboard
Ask for a personalized plan according to the needs of your business.

Trust your VoIP provider Kavkom

Thanks to our communication tools based on VoIP technology, Kavkom has been helping businesses grow since its creation in 2012. These are revolutionary tools, both in their use and cost, and in the immediate benefits they bring to our customers.

Our virtual switchboard offering has been developed to give your business the tool it needs to improve sales and customer service. A full range of communication services is available to ensure the efficiency of your company’s telephone answering operations. In particular, we offer you call transfer functions, automatic call routing to a
voice server
We also offer packages with unlimited incoming calls.

Always with your satisfaction in mind, our virtual switchboard solution has been designed with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. Quick to set up, it’s up and running in less than a minute from the time you place your order. What’s more, our team of Kavkom experts is on hand to provide any technical assistance you may need.

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