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Choose Kavkom's professional VoIP switchboard to ensure the best possible experience for your customers. Read more in this article.
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IP telephony has brought many changes to the way companies communicate with their customers. Would you also like to offer warm welcome to your customers without breaking the bank? Choose a professional VoIP switchboard. Kavkom offers just that. Find out more about this professional telephony solution in this article.

What is a professional VoIP switchboard?

A VoIP switchboard lets you make phone calls using a broadband Internet connection. This is ideal for reducing the cost of business telecommunications, as this technology gives access to unlimited calls. The VoIP switchboard works in the same way as a conventional switchboard. However, this type of switch uses the Internet connection connection to manage a company’s incoming and outgoing calls.

  • How an IP switchboard works

The IP switchboard is a telephone call management system connected to the Internet. This switch takes care of incoming and outgoing calls . The device also comes with a range of features to improve customer reception. These include call waiting, voicemail, personalized greeting and fax-to-email functionality.

A VoIP switchboard can be installed on your company’s IT network. However, you can also opt for an outsourced VoIP IPBX switchboard solution whose servers are managed on third-party platforms.

  • The benefits of a VoIP switchboard for businesses

VoIP switchboards are essential for companies that want to optimize customer telephone reception . This tool makes it easier to manage communications. Installing an IP telephony system is very simple: all you need is a broadband Internet connection on your premises. Automated call management also reduces call costs.

IP switchboards are scalable. Other functions can be added over time, according to the needs of each company. What’s more, the IP protocol also offers greater mobility, as a VoIP switchboard is capable of transferring a call wherever there’s an Internet connection.

Kavkom’s VoIP standard

Kavkom currently offers a professional VoIP standard with features that are as scalable as they are innovative . Our services are based on IP Centrex technology, designed to support businesses in their activities.

  • What is Kavkom IP Centrex?

Kavkom’s IP Centrex is the telephony solution of choice for professionals. This enables you to take advantage of IP telephony and a paperless switchboard to improve the management of incoming and outgoing calls within a company.

  • Kavkom’s PBX Centrex standard

Kavkom’s Centrex PBX switchboard is an automated call management solution hosted on the company’s internal server. This practical virtual switch board doesn’t require the installation of any special hardware. All you need is a broadband Internet connection and telephone equipment, depending on the number of employees. For this service, all technical constraints and system maintenance are handled by Kavkom. What’s more, customers can access the service from any location and with any device, offering greater mobility for users.

The Centrex PBX standard offers the same advantages as a traditional PABX. , but with added features. What’s more, subscribing to an IP switchboard from Kavkom requires neither maintenance costs nor the installation of bulky equipment.

  • The different services available with Kavkom’s Centrex PBX standard

Kavkom’s virtual switchboard offers a wide range of features. Subscribers to this service get a free virtual number, a hosted IP PBX and voicemail. Many of the features of a traditional switchboard, such as call forwarding, music on hold, call transfer and call notification, are also included in Kavkom’s VoIP switchboard.

PBX Centrex also comes with a range of call management and tracking tools, providing details of individual communications in the form of reports and analysis. This tool is also able to compile call statistics.

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