Interactive voice server solution

Optimize your incoming call management with Kavkom's interactive voice server solution. Read more in this article.
Interactive voice server solution
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You want to offer a quality service and a better user experience to your callers ? You need an interactive voice server solution. This indispensable switchboard helps you to handle a large number of incoming calls efficiently and improve your customer relations. Interested? VoIP operator Kavkom is one of those offering this solution. Find out more in this article.

Interactive voice response: the automatic switchboard

The interactive voice server is a very important tool in call reception. This is a telephony system specially developed to enable your callers to interact with your company’s IT server via configurable voice menus. In other words, this computer system receives calls and reacts to the caller’s actions (pressing telephone buttons).

In an interactive voice server, callers are offered a choice, for example: ” Type 1 for the billing department, 2 for the technical department, 3 to speak to an advisor…”. Callers can select the options that interest them by pressing the numbers on their phone. A DTMF tone is then sent to the company’s host system, enabling it to choose the corresponding action. The server then directs the customer or prospect to a succession of increasingly precise and detailed information according to the numbers pressed.

Interactive voice response: what are its uses?

The interactive voice server is is capable of rendering many services to your interlocutors and, therefore, to your customer relations. This tool allows your customers or prospects to..:

  • obtain logistical information: such as point-of-sale addresses, opening hours, delivery methods…
  • more commercial information: such as current promotions, product descriptions, price changes, etc.
  • find out whether a product is available in stock;
  • place orders or reservations…

Interactive voice server solution: the key benefits

The benefits of interactive voice servers . In principle, they handle a high volume of telephone calls, every day, at all hours. This gives your customers and prospects simple, intuitive access to a wide range of information in real time.

The interactive voice server also optimizes the management of incoming call flows. It qualifies the reasons for calls and directs the caller to the right service or the most qualified advisor according to the nature of the request. On the other hand, this telephony tool relieves customer advisors of simpler requests that do not require their intervention. They can then concentrate on high-value requests. Thanks to this system, companies can reduce costs and improve the user experience of their correspondents. It reduces the number of staff without impacting on customer satisfaction.

Choose the Kavkom interactive voice server solution

Kavkom’s interactive voice response solution is specially designed to help you to help you improve your telephone reception . Thanks to this tool, there’s no more time wasted in receiving your calls. All your incoming calls are picked up automatically, then routed via a pre-recorded, qualified script to the right person.

L’ use of the Kavkom interactive voice server solution is simplified . Simply record the message you wish to broadcast on the server. We then set up a menu system to direct your callers (press 1 for sales, press 2 for an appointment, etc.). You can also choose to broadcast only information about your company, or redirect calls to a message service… The possibilities are endless.

With Kavkom, you stay in control of your telephony solution. You can activate or deactivate your interactive voice server solution from your virtual office. We also give you access to analysis tools so you can study the various incoming calls and adapt your strategy. What’s more, our team is always on hand to provide the technical support you need.

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