Business IP telephony installation

Business IP telephony installation
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With advances in technology, many companies are finding ways to boost their growth and development. To modernize business communications, many professional telephony providers, including Kavkom , offer high-performance, reliable and innovative solutions and tools. These include IP telephony . Are you planning to install IP telephony in your business? Everything you need to know in this article.

Business IP telephony: definition and usefulness

IP telephony is defined as a technology capable of transmitting communications over the Internet. It allows the management of different devices on the same network: computer, fax, telephone, videoconferencing equipment, etc.

This technology joins a company’s computer and telephone terminals over a single protocol or server . IP telephony gives companies the possibility of outsourcing the management of their telephony system and dispensing with the costly charges associated with the installation of a traditional PABX. This device is especially practical and advantageous for call centers.

Benefits of business IP telephony

Unlike traditional telephony which requires the use of two distinct lines, technical and computer, IP telephony uses only one channel . Indeed, telephone and computer data converge on a single network, which greatly facilitates their management.

  • Less expensive installation than a PABX :

If you have an Internet connection, the installation costs will be minimal. You won’t need to buy new cables, because the system uses the network you already have.

  • Communications at affordable or even reduced prices:

IP telephony requires little bandwidth . As a result, you can set up a private network to link your remote sites or agencies to make their communication free. For external calls, whether local, national or international, charges are also reduced.

  • Mobility:

Since your phone system is no longer tied to traditional physical lines, you can always keep the same numbers for as long as you want, even if you move or even relocate.

  • Possibility of evolution:

At any time, you can add other positions or decide to expand your network .

  • Maximum security:

You have the option of installing different security systems to ensure the protection of your data and communications against hacking.

What to do before installing IP telephony

Before installing IP telephony within your company, you must:

  • make sure your internet connection is working. As the technology uses the Internet network for the transfer of data, you will need to have a connection capable of supporting the installation of the system.
  • make sure you have the right materials.
  • define your real needs and choose an IP telephony offer accordingly.
  • choose a supplier.

Kavkom, a partner of choice for the installation of professional telephony

Since 2012, Kavkom has been serving companies to ensure their growth. We provide you with reliable and efficient tools to streamline your communications and improve the delivery of your information in general. Thanks to our different solutions, you can easily manage your IT, collaboration and communication tools. We connect all your channels on the same network so that all your collaborators, partners and agencies are constantly in contact even if they are distant.

At Kavkom, our primary focus is the modernization of business communications and enterprise collaboration. To do this, we adapt to new technologies. We strive to use them to our advantage in order to implement software solutions and create practical and innovative tools. Also, we make sure to establish relationships based on trust and respect with our clients.

To best satisfy them, we provide them with our team of experts. The latter will assist and support them in the installation and deployment of our professional telephony solutions and tools.
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