Zoho CTI integration


Zoho CRM – Kavkom Integration CRM Install Request a demo Discover the perfect synergy between Kavkom telephony and Zoho One. Simplify your operations, automate your tasks and free up precious time for the essentials. Boost your efficiency now! CREATED BY Zoho CRM Learn more Zoho Connect Marketplace How to configure Zoho? Précédent Suivant Optimize your […]

Pipedrive CTI integration


Pipedrive – Kavkom Integration CRM – For Sales Teams – Sales Automation Install Request a demo Improve your customer follow-up with Kavkom and Pipedrive! Our automated integration saves telephone data in Pipedrive, simplifying your customer management. More time for meaningful interactions, increased customer satisfaction, and unrivalled operational efficiency. Don’t waste time, choose the integration that […]

Zapier integration


Zapier – Kavkom Integration Productivity – Customer Service – Sales Install Request a demo Automate your daily tasks with Kavkom thanks to our Zapier integration in just a few clicks. Connect Kavkom to thousands of popular applications to free up valuable time without the need for coding. Focus on the essentials, we’ll take care of […]

Salesforce CTI Integration


Salesforce CTI – Kavkom Integration CRM – Customer Service Install Request a demo Integrate the power of Kavkom enterprise telephony with your Salesforce CRM to boost the efficiency of your teams and track customers at every stage of their journey. The information generated by your telephone interactions is instantly synchronized with Salesforce, giving you a […]

HubSpot CTI Integration


HubSpot is a US B2B company that develops and markets software for inbound marketing, sales and customer service. Hubspot was founded by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah in 2006.

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