Why should your CRM be linked to your call center software?

Pourquoi faut-il associer votre CRM à votre logiciel pour centre d’appel
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In view of the competitive environment in which it operates, any company must ensure the quality of its relations with its customers. Recognizing the importance of customers means offering them multiple channels of communication and interaction with the company, hence the importance of combining CRM (Customer Relationship Management) with call center software. Such an association has many advantages and makes it possible to simplify and automate customer management with the integration of ip-centrex call center solutions .

Diversify the functionalities of your CRM

The quality of the relationship between a company and its customers is a powerful marketing tool. As a service dealing with customer relationship management, a company’s CRM must have a wide range of options that go beyond the approaches traditionally offered. To do this, its implementation must combine the use of multiple contact channels. The latter generally include exchanges via social networks, by email, via the company’s website or even the possibility of an sms campaign , without forgetting the added value constituted by the call center, in the front line of exchanges with customers and prospects.

Manage call flow

Call flow management is one of the great benefits of combining CRM (Customer Relationship Management) with call center software. In this regard, the undisputed rise of digital technology very fortunately makes it possible to appropriate the revolutionary solutions of the Cloud Call Center. By means of telecommunications systems operating via the Internet, these solutions provide the possibility of managing incoming and outgoing calls.

This is the case, for example, of cloud telephony software for contact centers , known for its efficiency in managing incoming calls, regardless of the peak reached in the flow of the latter. We could, in the same vein, list the option of call center call reception software equipped with features capable of boosting the performance level of a company’s CRM.

To win the loyalty of customers

Associating your CRM with call center software ensures better customer follow-up. Indeed, there are tools that promote the establishment of a database of the company’s customers by taking into account their personal information, their preferences, their habits and the history of their previous exchanges with the company.

In this perspective, the use of telephone software for call centers and CRM represents an option worth exploring. Indeed, this type of tool gives the possibility of building a better relationship with customers and building their loyalty to the company.

The combination of CRM and call center software to save time

The integration of call software into the implementation of a CRM considerably lightens the task of customer service agents. On the basis of the information communicated by the machine, the latter are now able to provide adequate responses to the concerns of customers whose files are automatically uploaded and displayed on the screen each time they are called. In line with the proven usefulness and effectiveness of a good database, this system encourages a personalized welcome from customers. This is what so-called software solutions with integrated CRM offer.

It should be noted that the level of performance of this tool also allows it to proceed with the systematic creation of a new file when receiving a first call, as well as updating the information of a customer file already existing in the database.

Optimize sales and have a single interface

The integration of call center software with the CRM also has the advantage of offering incoming call agents a single interface making all the data necessary for their work available.

In fact, with a single click, they can now access the history of transactions, the status of available stocks and that of orders, previous interactions with the same customer, current invoices, not to mention other details likely to guide them towards the satisfaction of the concern of their interlocutor.

In other words, call center operators have a single platform that simplifies and optimizes their interactions with customers, which saves them time. By saving time, the profitability of the services or products offered by the company is increased. This goes without saying, since in such conditions, the quality of the interaction with a prospect determines the probability of being able to turn him into a potential future customer.

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