Cloud telephony software for contact center

Cloud telephony software for contact center
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Are you looking for a reliable and efficient solution to improve your contact center service? Trust Kavkom, your VoIP provider . Through our cloud telephony software offer, we offer everything you expect from a call center phoning solution, and even more. Find more details on the subject in this article.

Contact center telephony software: various features

The telephony software is a phoning solution developed to facilitate the management of incoming calls within a company. It is aimed more specifically at companies that have a contact center and that often have to deal with traffic peaks.

Thanks to our complete contact center solution, your telephone reception is faster, more professional and you can easily improve the management of your calls . Indeed, our software is equipped with advanced features, developed to help you provide impeccable customer service at all times. It has, in particular: intelligent call queues ( interactive voice server , music on hold, etc.), agent dashboard, agent supervision tool, call queue history and reports, etc. These features will facilitate the execution of your customer service operation . You will then be able to respond effectively to your customers’ requests and thus ensure the growth of your business.

Kavkom cloud telephony software: many other advantages at stake

Because all of the software’s features are hosted in the cloud, its installation does not require any specific infrastructure. In addition, your contact center telephony solution is activated and operational in less than a minute after your order, regardless of your location. And if needed, Kavkom’s team of experts is on hand to provide the technical support you expect.

Driven online, the software interface is accessible by an unlimited number of users (agents, managers, supervisors, etc.). Each employee can have access to the software and connect to the platform.

Kavkom telephony software: to better manage your business

With Kavkom contact center cloud phone software, your business is fully equipped to meet the challenges of today’s market. It allows you to:

  • Strategically transfer your calls : Thanks to the tool, you can efficiently direct callers to the right queue according to the skills and availability of your agents.
  • Evaluate the productivity of your operators : Our software has call monitoring and supervision functions to allow you to analyze and measure the productivity of agents. You can even listen to a call in progress and help your agent without the caller noticing.
  • Save time : All information on the analyzes and reports of your communications are available at all times. Thanks to this, you have direct interaction with your customer files and databases.
  • Record calls : It is possible to record calls from your operators and keep them for 7 days at no additional cost. Then you can consult and download them as many times as you want via your customer area.

Kavkom: your best ally

Kavkom was born in 2012 with the mission to modernize business communications and enterprise collaboration through revolutionary tools . These must be distinguished by their uses, their costs and the advantages they provide to our customers. Our goal ? It’s to provide your business with the solutions you need to improve your sales, communication and customer service.

Since our creation, our team has worked actively to establish relationships based on mutual trust and listening. Today, we provide our clients with the best services in the areas of information security, breach management, content management, data visibility, individual rights management and records management. These are services whose reliability is guaranteed by their compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

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