VoIP operator: how to choose the right provider?

Opérateur VoIP: comment bien choisir son fournisseur
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We could present a VoIP operator as a relay of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology. This consists of using the Internet as a voice transmission medium for telephone calls. An innovative approach increasingly adopted by modern companies, this technique is a simpler, more flexible and less expensive option than the traditional wired subscription. There are several VoIP providers and resellers sharing the internet telephony market. What criteria can you rely on to base your choice?  ? Kavkom talks about it in this article.

Criteria to follow when choosing VoIP software

The reliability of a VoIP operator is assessed through multiple factors, including its cost, the solutions it offers and its ability to adapt to customer needs.

Consider the cost of the proposed service

The competitive market environment requires that the cost of the operator be subject to careful attention. Indeed, if it is established that, compared to traditional wired subscriptions, IP technology induces a reduction in cost, it will however be necessary to take care to take into account the costs of commissioning. Indeed, unlike Kavkom, some suppliers end up adding exorbitant additional costs for the installation to the initial invoice.

Study the features or functionalities offered

To make the best choice, the customer will have to opt for a solution adapted to his needs, his sector of activity, the specificities linked to his services, etc. He will also have to ensure the reliability and quality of the network (good quality of receiving and making telephone calls). In general, VoIP has the advantage of offering impeccable listening quality, superior to that of the wired line. Finally, it is necessary to establish certainties in relation to the compatibility of the equipment with the customer’s installations. The product must guarantee the best possible functionalities in accordance with your expectations.

Guarantee easy use and good after-sales service

Once delivered and installed, it should be easy for the customer to get started with the software. Ease of use requires vendor involvement. Indeed, the latter must provide the customer with the necessary support for him to fully enjoy the subscribed service. In its most complete expression, the after-sales service also takes into account the follow-up and the reactivity in the event of malfunctions observed in the provision of the service.

The benefits of choosing Kavkom

As an IP telephony provider, Kavkom offers you a wide range of software adapted to your needs. Discover some of them here.

Predictive dialer software

Kavkom’s Predictive Dialer software is characterized by its predictive calling functionality. It is a first-choice tool for call centers or company switchboards that are in high demand because of the services offered. The main innovation here is the possibility of automating tasks traditionally assigned to agents on duty. In other words, the use of this software banishes the manual dialing of numbers, both for calls and for reminders. It also acts as a filter for wrong numbers, no answers, faxes, redundancies, answering machines, and considerably reduces downtime in the call department.

phoning software

It is a call software with several features, including statistical tools. It is an excellent barometer in the follow-up and survey management of telephone campaigns. It offers additional services through CRM tools, reminder management tools, etc.

Auto Dialer software

Offered by Kavkom, the best provider of VoIP technology, this software embodies a revolution in call automation. Still referred to as a call robot , it not only represents a powerful marketing tool, but also an auxiliary instrument in large-scale communication (advertising, event notifications, market research, opinion polls, etc.)

Its autonomy and capacities enable it to simultaneously manage 60,000  calls per hour, and without human assistance, broadcasting pre-recorded voice messages to millions of users. Its use therefore offers the possibility of reaching the maximum number of interlocutors in a reduced time interval.

In addition, it has an interactive server allowing interaction with the programmed server to provide certain information and can also redirect customers to a telephone adviser.

In conclusion

Recognized specialist in VoIP telephony , Kavkom guarantees reliable service with the best value for money. Our expertise and our reputation incline us to offer you satisfactory solutions at the forefront of innovation.

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