Coupling business telephony with Salesforce: for what advantages?

Coupler la téléphonie d’entreprise à Salesforce
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Using VoIP telephony to manage business communications is the norm in business operations today. However, few of them benefit from an option of integrating this technology into their CRM software. With Kavkom’s solutions, you can easily couple your business telephony (CTI) to the Salesforce tool. Discover the advantages of this precious offer dedicated to the optimal management of your telecom flows.

The unification of your processes

Integrating Salesforce with a CRM has the primary benefit of providing a unified, cross-functional solution for sales teams. Imagine all the features of telephone call management software interfaced with your company’s CRM application. This would undoubtedly simplify the harmonization between customer relationship management and communication flow management.

This eliminates the need to switch between different platforms to handle incoming or outgoing calls. Thanks to our professional telephony equipment in Salesforce, your agents have all the necessary modules on a single screen. They therefore gain in speed and can further chain interactions with customers.

Improved performance

By pooling platforms, salespeople gain not only speed in their work, but also efficiency. They can now objectively analyze the data essential to their business — available in a single block on Salesforce — in order to better focus on the performance aspect.

We will then observe an optimization of efforts on qualified leads, an increase in the conversion of leads into customers, the automation of call processes, an improvement in the reception of your company and many other performances than a streamlined system. promotes. All this will necessarily lead to a better profitability of your activities.

More efficient management

Kavkom’s Virtual Switchboard features call management and tracking tools that provide you with detailed reports and analytics on various communications. You will therefore be able to consult this reliable and useful information for decision-making, from your Salesforce CRM, an invaluable assistance in the administration of human resources.

Discover the operational flaws within your teams and find the appropriate solutions thanks to our offers. In addition, you can establish call statistics in just a few clicks and define new productivity objectives on this basis.

Direct impacts of integration with Salesforce in your telephony operations

When we appreciate the contribution of our various tools in the rationalization of your telephony system, the alternatives turn out to be multiple. None of these solutions were overlooked during the Salesforce-Kavkom incorporation.

The Centrex virtual business VoIP switchboard

This VoIP standard features:

  • the essential characteristics of a traditional switchboard (call forwarding, music on hold, call transfers, call notifications, etc.);
  • additional assets (virtual number offered, a hosted IP PBX and voice mail);
  • a call history allowing callers to be identified and taken care of according to their status (new/old);
  • customization possibilities; etc

This solution increases your company’s attractiveness to customers through the quality of the services provided; and this, at a lower cost, compared to the traditional standards to be physically installed in your premises.

VoIP operator solutions for call centers

Among these VoIP operator solutions , we distinguish the mass call automaton and the predictive dialer phoning.

The mass call automaton

It is a piece of equipment whose features make the work of call centers easier. It allows you to automatically send, with just one click, a pre-recorded voice message to several recipients.

Nearly 60,000  calls can be made per hour with this tool. No need to sort or dial numbers. However, you can personalize your messages, for example by including the name of the recipient each time.

Thanks to this robot combined with your Salesforce CRM, your sales campaigns will experience a clear optimization. The tool also displays the productivity results by agent, allowing each operator to analyze their performance and correct their errors with a view to better yields.

The phoning predictive dialer

It is still call automation and callback software to improve call center productivity. Its main interest lies in its ability to save time. It filters out false numbers, redundancies, answering machines, faxes, non-responses, etc.

Kavkom offers several other telephony solutions that you can integrate with Salesforce. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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