Auto dialer software

Auto dialer software

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Do you run a call center and want to optimize the productivity of your agents? Automatic dialer software or auto dialer software will be of great help to you. However, with the many software solutions available on the market, it is sometimes difficult to make the right choice. Kavkom, your business telephony system supplier, can guide you on the subject.

Auto dialer software: definition and usefulness

As its name suggests, auto dialer software or auto dialer software or call robot is a computer program that can automatically dial phone numbers from a computer. It triggers outgoing calls to broadcast pre-recorded voice message to many users. It is thus the ideal tool for transmitting a message of information in large numbers. The automatic dialing software was created to facilitate contact with users in the event of political campaigns, commercial prospecting , event notifications, opinion polls, etc. This technology is therefore the best way to optimize outbound call campaigns.

Benefits of auto dialer software for call centers

Auto dialer software is, for a call center, an efficient and reliable solution likely to increase its productivity. Indeed, as outgoing calls are triggered automatically, agents no longer have to do anything. The system thus offers considerable time savings . It is well known that when an agent calls a prospect, it can take a long time and be tiring for the prospector. Therefore, at the end of the outgoing call, it is possible that the latter is tempted to delay the call of another contact, which is completely normal. However, this can have a negative impact on the productivity and performance of the company. And using auto-dial software can help avoid this, that is, eliminate the time gap between two calls. Another advantage of using auto dialer software: increased comfort. When the agent is chatting with a customer, sometimes the recipients get angry or ask a lot of questions. The option that the agent himself is afraid or hesitant is also possible. The system also solves this kind of problem. Once the program is installed and configured, it takes care of everything. All the agent will have to do is launch the software.

The Kavkom software solution: what is it?

Launched in 2012, Kavkom’s mission is to modernize business communications and business collaboration. We make ourselves available to companies and work to ensure their growth and development. With this in mind, we offer hosted business telephony systems and hosted solutions. In order to support the development of call centers and optimize their performance, we have auto dialer software. It is practical, efficient, easy to use and above all reliable. Thanks to this tool, you can easily and quickly send a message to several users . Regarding its implementation, the Kavkom software solution does not require a lot of manipulation. All you have to do is install it on the prospectors’ computer and configure it via its management interface. Then, you must import the Excel sheet that contains the list of contacts and select the audio file (pre-recorded voice message) to broadcast. Finally, the agent will only have to start the “Auto Dialer” program so that the software automatically dials the telephone numbers.

Why Choose Kavkom Auto Dialer Software?

Besides saving time, the Kavkom calling robot also offers other advantages. First, it has an interactive server function. The prospect, client or recipient can directly interact with the program using the keys on his telephone. The software will take care of his choices, either by saving them, or by redirecting him to a teleconsultant. Second, Kavkom auto dialer software is customizable . Indeed, thanks to Text-to-Speech speech synthesis technology, the personalization of voice messages is easier. You can, for example, add the name of each user. Third, with Kavkom auto dialer software, agents have the ability to read their results in real time. This will drive them to want to achieve their goals and improve their performance . For further :

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