Unified communications

Streamline enterprise collaboration and team mobility with Kavkom Unified Communications solutions. With the sole aim of boosting your productivity!

What are Kavkom Unified Communication Solutions?

The concept of Unified Communications comes from the union of Telephony and Computing. Made possible by the advent of IP telephony, Unified Communications sees the emergence of new tools that improve the quality of communications, speed up the dissemination of information, and make collaboration within the company more fluid.

Kavkom solutions unify your telephony with all your IT tools. Accessible from the Cloud via a web browser, the Kavkom Unified Communications system gives your employees access to all their tools, regardless of their geographical location or the type of terminal used (PC, Mobile, Tablet, IP Station). Permanent contact with the company, transcending distances.

Unified communications

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Les Solutions de Communications UUnified Communications Solutions allow your teamsnifiées permettent à vos équipes

Unified Communications Solutions allow your teams to:

  • Greater flexibility and mobility
  • Do business anywhere in the world
  • Enhance their level of communication and collaboration
  • Update and inform you of their availability in real time

Solution: Cloud telephony

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100% unlimited incoming calls
and outbound to France
To France Fixed

Free virtual number Click to access the list of 100 available countries
100% unlimited incoming calls
Call reception only blocked outgoing call

Mobile forwarding included
Free virtual number Click to access the list of 100 available countries

Kavkom Unified Communication, innovative tools to enhance your performance

Hybrid CRM connected to business telephony

Hybrid CRM connected to your business telephony

The key to successful customer relationship management, from lead qualification to follow-up planning.

Webphone, the mobility app

Webphone, the mobility application

A simple application connects you to all your business telephony on mobile, PC, wherever you are, via its virtual keypad. Ideal for telecommuting!

Call Tracking and Voicemail

Call tracking and Voicemail

Benefit from a high-performance virtual telephone exchange, including mobile. Leave your messages by e-mail or chat and archive your discussions for the best follow-up.

Multiplex conference

Multiplex conferencing

Reproduce the dynamics of the office in just a few clicks, without moving, thanks to Kavkom’s advanced conferencing features.

Partage et collaboration multicanale

Multi-channel sharing and collaboration

Sharing documents, comments on a file or in virtual workgroups has never been so easy, thanks to the diversity of channels (messages, notes, calls…) available.

Tailor-made switchboard
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