Auto dialer software automatically

Auto dialer software

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Do you need a powerful numbering system to enable your agents to obtain the best results in your outbound campaign operations? Kavkom, your VoIP provider , has exactly what you need. Our auto dialer software is specially designed to meet your needs and even exceed your expectations. Here is a brief overview on the subject to tell you more.

Discover the automatic numbering software

The automatic dialing software is developed with the aim of facilitating the connection between telephone operators and your customers or prospects. This tool is based on a sophisticated computer algorithm which consists in triggering outgoing calls automatically according to a list of numbers to contact. The software then determines the availability of the agents and assigns the call to the first free extension.

Practical, the automatic dialing software filters out non-productive calls , thus ensuring a huge time saving during telemarketing . These are calls faced with voice mail, lines that ring busy or even deactivated numbers. It is also possible to program an automatic reminder of absent persons, if you wish.

Automatically broadcast your marketing messages

Thanks to its auto-dialer program, the auto-dialer software can deliver a marketing message to thousands of prospects or customers. Once the system is configured via the management interface, it will no longer require any human intervention.

The operation of this device is very simple. First, you need to import the list of contact numbers and the pre-recorded audio file to the program. Then you just need to start broadcasting messages. The software then automatically dials the numbers and reads the selected message. It is possible to read a different file for the responders.

Our software is also developed with Text-to-Speech technology which allows you to personalize your audio files to be broadcast. You can create marketing messages with the name of each recipient, but also with other personalized information.

Record the choice of your customers and prospects

After automatic dialing of calls and distribution of marketing messages, the automatic dialer software also has an interactive server function. This allows the recipient of the call to interact with your computer system via the keys of his telephone. Pressing these causes a DMTF tone to be sent which then selects the appropriate response or action.

Thanks to this program of the automatic numbering software, it is possible for you to record the choices of your prospects or to collect certain information. The line can also be redirected to one of your operators if the recipient of the call wishes.

Automatic numbering software: other key advantages

The main advantage of auto-dial software is that it can be used in multiple fields of action . It is the solution for broadcasting an information message to a large volume of prospects, for collecting invoices or for carrying out market research.

Our automatic numbering software is also quick to set up. You place your order and it is operational in less than a minute, regardless of your location. We also permanently provide our customers with the support of our team of experts to provide the technical assistance they expect, if necessary.

A Proven Compliance Software Solution

Compliance with the legal provisions regarding the sale and collection of data is a major concern for any company. Kavkom is aware of this and helps you avoid any regulatory deviations. This is why we provide you with the best services by ensuring their compliance with the GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation.

As with all of our products, we have made improvements to our automatic dialing software offer, guaranteeing its reliability. These enhancements include the areas of information security, breach management, content management, data visibility, individual rights management, and records management.

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