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Become an international company in just a few clicks! Geographic or virtual numbers improve the professional image of your company internationally. The presentation of a local number brings you virtually closer to your customers and strengthens your position in foreign markets.

What is a virtual number?

Practically speaking, a geographic or virtual number – DID number – is a local telephone number corresponding with the dialing codes of a given country. Geographic numbers are used to:

  •   Present a local phone number to your customers around the world
  •   Provide access to your lines at local rates for telephones located abroad

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The advantages of the virtual number

  •   Economic. Both for your company (unlimited plans) and your customers (local calls)
  •   Practical. Your company’s services are cloud-based thanks to a simple internet connection.
  •   Flexible. Customers or partners are reassured when they see a local number.
  •   Security. Customers or partners are reassured when they see a local number.

Solution : Phone System

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voip custom package Kavkom
Ask for a personalized plan according to the needs of your business.
100% unlimited inbound calls
and outbound calls
To USA & Canada

Virtual number offered More than 60 countries, more than 10,000 locations
100% unlimited inbound calls
Receive call only Outgoing call blocked

Mobile redirection included
Virtual number offered More than 60 countries, more than 10,000 locations

Why use a virtual number?

Pour augmenter votre taux de conversion

To increase your conversion rate

By providing a local telephone number, like that of your customers regardless of their country of residence around the world, you show that you are established locally. Displaying a local number increases the level of confidence of visitors to your website, and your direct contacts, while enhancing the digital experience of your users. As a decisive factor in gaining proximity to your customers, virtual numbers are synonymous with a significant increase in sales.  

The costs involved

To reduce your costs

On a virtual number, incoming calls are routed from all over the world at the price of a local call. International customers, familiar with their geographical lines, are more likely to call you and trust your services and products if they know you can be reached on a local number in their country, typically free of charge. Your Kavkom package comes with a virtual number, which includes the following:

  •   Unlimited incoming calls
  •   100% unlimited outgoing calls
  •   Pro-rata billing
  •   No long-term obligation
  •   CRM includes
An unbeatable deal for total cost control!
To be easily reachable from all over the world

To be easily reachable from all over the world

Your customers will appreciate the ease with which they can reach you, regardless of their country of residence. With a virtual geographic number, you maintain a proximity that is beneficial to your customer relations. When one of your customers requires your services, a simple, immediate and direct call to a local number is all it takes to put you in touch with them. Always reachable and responsive to their needs, you avoid the possibility of them questioning their collaboration with your company.

To offer an instant professional welcome to your business

To offer an instant professional welcome to your business

No more unanswered calls! The KavkomPhone System offers your company the ability to answer incoming calls on virtual numbers using the Interactive Voice Server. Pre-pickup/call transfer, greeting message broadcasting, orientation on an interactive digital Menu according to a pre-established scenario (“For sales, press 1…”) and redirection of the call to the required service representative or to voicemail, the IVS ensures the full range of processing for all calls. Kavkom technology allows you to receive reports on missed calls and voice messages left on your virtual number directly on your e-mail inbox.

Portability of your professional telephone number

Portability of your business telephone number

Do you want to keep your current business phone number? Kavkom takes care of its “portability”; giving you access to a whole range of advanced features without even having to change your number.

Tailor-made switchboard
Ask for a personalized plan according to the needs of your business.

Action's areas of the Kavkom Hybrid CRM

Up to 100 calls on hold simultaneously.

Kavkom Virtual Numbers offer a FREE virtual waiting room capable of handling 100 calls on hold simultaneously!

The Kavkom geographic number offer.

To order your geographic numbers, choose the package that best suits you. As soon as you order a KAVKOM VoIP line, you benefit from a professional Centrex-PBX switchboard – the Phone System pack – accessible via the Internet on your computer/tablet/mobile – scalable and loaded with features. And your first geographic number comes free of charge. Add to your Phone System pack the number of geographic numbers corresponding to your needs starting at 5 Euros / month / number.
Areas of action of the Kavkom Hybrid CRM

Over 100 international virtual numbers available

List of countries from which you can obtain a virtual number.

CountryLandlineCell phoneDocuments required *Documents required from country **Documents required from the region ***
Bosnia And Herzegovina
Composer numéro indicatif téléphone BrazilBrazilexamineexamineexamine
Burkina Fasoexamineexamine
Cayman Islandsexamineexamine
Composer numéro indicatif téléphone Costa RicaCosta Rica
Composer numéro indicatif téléphone Cyprus
Composer numéro indicatif téléphone Czech RepCzech Repexamineexamine
Composer numéro indicatif téléphone DenmarkDominican Republicexamineexamine
Composer numéro indicatif téléphone El SalvadorEl Salvadorexamineexamine
Composer numéro indicatif téléphone Finland
Composer numéro indicatif téléphone FranceFranceexamineexamineexamine
Composer numéro indicatif téléphone GermanyGermanyexamineexamine
Composer numéro indicatif téléphone GuatemalaGuatemalaexamineexamine
Composer numéro indicatif téléphone Hong-KongHong-Kongexamineexamine
Composer numéro indicatif téléphone HungaryHungaryexamineexamine
Composer numéro indicatif téléphone IcelandIcelandexamineexamine
Composer numéro indicatif téléphone IndiaIndiaexamineexamine
Composer numéro indicatif téléphone IsraelIsraelexamineexamine
Composer numéro indicatif téléphone Italie FixeItalie Fixe 390examineexamine
Composer numéro indicatif téléphone JordanJordanexamineexamine
Composer numéro indicatif téléphone LuxembourgLuxembourgexamineexamine
Composer numéro indicatif téléphone MacaoMacaoexamineexamine
Composer numéro indicatif téléphone MalaysiaMalaysiaexamineexamineexamineexamine
Composer numéro indicatif téléphone MauritiusMauritiusexamineexamineexamine
Composer numéro indicatif téléphone MexicoMexicoexamineexamine
Composer numéro indicatif téléphone NetherlandNetherlandexamineexamineexamineexamine
Composer numéro indicatif téléphone Netherland AntillesNetherland Antillesexamineexamine
Composer numéro indicatif téléphone New ZealandNew Zealandexamineexamine

Composer numéro indicatif téléphone PakistanPakistanexamineexamine
Composer numéro indicatif téléphone PanamaPanamaexamineexamine
Composer numéro indicatif téléphone PeruPeruexamineexamine
Composer numéro indicatif téléphone PhilippnesPhilippinesexamineexamine
Composer numéro indicatif téléphone PolandPolandexamineexamine
Puerto Ricoexamineexamine
Composer numéro indicatif téléphone RomaniaRomaniaexamineexamine
Sierra Leoneexamineexamine
Composer numéro indicatif téléphone SlovakiaSlovakiaexamineexamine
Composer numéro indicatif téléphone South AfricaSouth Africaexamineexamine
South Koreaexamineexamine
Composer numéro indicatif téléphone SpainSpainexamineexamine
Composer numéro indicatif téléphone Sri LankaSri Lankaexamineexamine
Composer numéro indicatif téléphone SudanSudanexamineexamine
Composer numéro indicatif téléphone SwedenSwedenexamineexamineexamine
Composer numéro indicatif téléphone Switzerland FixeSwitzerland Fixe 411examineexamine
Composer numéro indicatif téléphone TaiwanTaiwanexamineexamine
Composer numéro indicatif téléphone ThailandThailandexamineexamine
Trinidad And Tobagoexamineexamine
Composer numéro indicatif téléphone TurkeyTurkeyexamineexamine
Composer numéro indicatif téléphone UKUnited Kingdomexamineexamineexamine
Composer numéro indicatif téléphone USAUnited Statesexamineexamine
Composer numéro indicatif téléphone USAVirgin Islandsexamineexamine
Composer numéro indicatif téléphone VenezuelaVenezuelaexamineexamine
Composer numéro indicatif téléphone VietnamVietnamexamineexamine
The legislation of each country may vary at any time and this information is valid today 20/12/2022 and given as an indication.

* To obtain a virtual number, you will need to provide your ID, the official document attesting to the legal existence of your company and proof of address.

** To obtain a virtual number that requires country-specific documents, you'll need to provide proof of address for the country you're applying for, your ID and the official document attesting to your company's legal existence.

*** To obtain a virtual number that requires regional documents, you'll need to provide proof of address for the region you're applying for, your ID and the official document attesting to your company's legal existence.
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