Migration to IP telephony: Process, benefits and precautions

Migration téléphonie IP Processus, avantages

Every major technological advance is accompanied by changes in our habits. The telephony sector is no exception to this immutable rule. The “Community Telephone Network”, the traditional system, is living its last hours. Internet telephony is gradually taking its place. More than just a logical evolution, IP telephony represents the future for businesses, bringing a […]

IP telephony protocols: comparison and use cases

Protocoles en téléphonie IP Cas d’utilisation - Kavkom

IP telephony is the talk of the town. Nothing could be more normal, given that it is intended to replace the traditional system. This announced end has already begun. 2023 is sure to be the year of great change. Numerous companies have already taken the plunge and completed their migration without difficulty, appreciating the many […]

IP telephony system architecture

Architecture d'un système de téléphonie IP

IP (Internet Protocol) telephony is an Internet-based telephone system using VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technologies. It enables you to use a data network, such as the Internet or the Local Area Network, to make calls and exchange texts, images, videos, etc. Voice is digitized and grouped into digital data packets for transport over the […]

IP telephony: definition and operation

Téléphonie IP définition et fonctionnement

What is IP telephony? Familiar with PSTN, the telephone network that was heralded as revolutionary some forty years ago, modern businesses still sometimes find it hard to grasp IP telephony and its many advantages. IP telephony: definition Also commonly referred to as VOIP telephony, this system has been around since 1995, and many professionals have […]

The benefits of IP telephony

Avantages de la téléphonie IP

2023 marks the official end of life for our old system: PSTN. The lines will be technically retired. That’s why companies have been slowly but surely switching to IP telephony for several years now. For all the professionals about to take this step, the advantages and disadvantages of this new system sometimes seem a little […]

Specifications for an IP telephony solution

Cahier des charges pour une solution de téléphonie IP

Heralded as dying with the rise of new technologies and the development of artificial intelligence, business telephony has taken many by surprise. This field has been able to identify the expectations of a public increasingly in need of human contact in customer relations. New communication channels, the evolution of e-commerce, more complex itineraries – all […]

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