Webphone vs Softphone: which technology to choose?

Webphone vs Softphone - quelle technologie
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In the corporate world, telephony enables you to develop close relationships both internally and with your customers and partners. With the advent of VoIP technology, innovative and practical solutions such as Webphone and Softphone have emerged. Want to know which one is right for you? Find the answer in this article from Kavkom, your telecom solution provider for business.

Discover our two IP telephony solutions

Webphone is a generic term that in fact incorporates three technologies for making calls via the Internet using a virtual number.

This can be a mobile application dedicated exclusively to your business and accessible on a smartphone, or another to be installed on your company’s web page. In both cases, it appears precisely on your dashboard to open the dialer for making or receiving calls via the Internet.

It also refers to an extension you can add to your default browser. Whether it’s Chrome, Firefox… you download a Webphone client that facilitates your communications via your computer or tablet.

Softphone is software that turns your workstation into a virtual switchboard. Installed on your computer, it lets you make calls from computer to computer, from phone to PC and much more.

At first glance, one might assume that these two technologies share similarities. But they differ in several respects.

Webphone or Softphone: the respective characteristics for a rational choice

What these two innovations have in common is that they dematerialize your telephony system while reducing communication costs. However, they do not share certain aspects.


This solution comes in three forms, most of which do not weigh down your phone. In fact, all calls are made via the Cloud. This means that the application itself is outsourced. All you have to do is open your browser, dial the number and make your call, provided you have a good Internet connection.

It’s ideal if you’re mobile or telecommuting.

However, its accessibility is conditional on subscribing to a tariff plan with a telecom operator. This also requires prior configuration. A certain amount of technical knowledge is therefore required.

What’s more, depending on the terminal on which you need to integrate this solution, the application to be used will differ.


It gives you access to a single software application that synchronizes your pre-existing fixed and mobile IP telephony solutions.

As an integral part of your unified communications, it enables you to work in a highly collaborative way. Business exchanges between mobile and sedentary staff are seamless, with a host of interesting options:

  • predictive dialing;
  • forward missed notifications from fixed to mobile terminals;
  • media sharing;
  • sending SMS and e-mail;
  • etc.

All this is accessible through a single interface. A single operator can provide all these solutions. This implies that you have full rights to the Softphone system, with the permanent assistance of a technician at your disposal on request.

At present, the only known limit to this is unavailability when your PC is switched off. This is backed up by synchronization with your connected smartphone at all times.

So, given the respective aspects of Webphone and Softphone, the choice is simplified. If you opt for the latter, we have the expertise to help you integrate it into your business.

Kavkom, your guide to optimal softphone use in the workplace

Do you want to communicate efficiently and in real time, wherever you are? We deliver the solution of your choice.

Whether it’s a Webphone, we offer a Cloud-based application.

In the second case, too, there are applications you can download in advance. These include X-lite, 3cx and AnyDesk.

If you lack the expertise to install and configure it properly, we’ll deploy our specialists at your side. They set up your new Softphone tool to network all your terminals. So whether you’re at work or on the move, no detail of your activities escapes you.

Webphone or Softphone, benefit from our assistance whenever you need it. A Kavkom professional will respond to your request discreetly and safely.

So you can trust us to take you into the future of business telephony.

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