IP telephony company for customer service

IP telephony company for customer service
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Do you want to invest in the best technologies and thus bring a real revolution to your business ? Trust an IP telephony provider for customer service like Kavkom. Thanks to our powerful solutions, your company will progress more quickly and will be able to improve its sales, its communication, as well as its customer service. Need more information on the subject? This article is made for you.

Why migrate to an IP solution?

IP telephony is a digital technology developed with the appearance of the Internet. It is a telephony system that uses the internet protocol (IP for Internet Protocol) to transform the voice signal into a digital signal. The digitized voice is then transported as a packet, like all other web data. In other words, this mode of telephony allows you to make calls using your broadband connection and not analog technology, like traditional telephony.

Many companies are now opting for IP telephony mode . This enthusiasm is explained by the fact that this solution makes it possible to make enormous savings on the telecommunications bill . The cost reduction also applies to those of the installation since telephony no longer requires the purchase of new cables. In addition, due to its hosting in cloud mode, IP telephony for customer service does not incur any installation costs or maintenance costs.

This telephony solution is also beneficial in terms of business productivity. It develops, in fact, the capacity of the latter to receive calls simultaneously if the analog line can only support one call at a time. Depending on the type of connection allocated to your telephony, you can receive up to thousands of calls at the same time. Customer service is of high quality as calls from customers are handled quickly and efficiently. Thus, if this solution is particularly interesting for VSEs and SMEs, it is above all a solution for the future for call centers and other telephone customer service professionals .

A complete IP telephony solution on Kavkom

Extremely complete, the Kavkom IP telephony solution is much more than a fixed telephony network. Indeed, it provides access to many scalable IP features. The solution includes in particular:

  • A professional switchboard ;
  • An interactive voice server menu;
  • A virtual number offered;
  • Recording of voice conversations;
  • And many other interesting functions like click-to-call, music on hold, multi-site management, etc.

Thanks to our IP telephony, you also have access to this whole range of communications services from any location and on any device. All this without the cost or complexity of a traditional telephone system.

In the great concern to meet your needs and even exceed your expectations, our IP telephony is activated and operational in less than a minute after your order. Our team of experts is also available to provide you with tailor-made technical assistance if needed.

The issue of security remains the main concern raised by IP telephony users. More than ever aware of the risks associated with the use of these IP solutions, we are constantly working to secure them. In addition, we also ensure that all our services comply with the GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation. That’s why we’ve made improvements in the areas of information security, breach management, content management, data visibility, individual rights management, and records management.

IP telephony company for customer service: who is Kavkom?

Kavkom is a telephony and call center solution provider launched in 2012. Our goal is to modernize business communications and business collaboration with tools that are revolutionary in terms of use, cost and immediate benefits they provide. We thus participate in the growth of companies by providing them with a full range of communication tools based on VoIP technology.

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