Switchboard software SME ETI

Switchboard software SME ETI
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Are you looking for a more flexible solution to modernize your business telephony ? Our SME ETI switchboard software offers you new features to receive and manage your customers and prospects. With the right tool, you will be able to close your business opportunities more easily. For its handling, Kavkom experts will provide you with sound advice.

SME ETI switchboard software, even more features

Mid-size companies or ETI employ between 250 and 4999 employees, SMEs have less than 250. Their professional telephony needs are therefore high in terms of lines, extensions and internal and external communication services . Our software allows you to efficiently manage all your calls thanks to the implementation of multiple features . It adapts to your expectations regardless of the department in which you work: sales department, customer service , etc. Quick to install, the software benefits from a simple ergonomics facilitating its handling. This communication tool ensures:

  • management of your opening hours : our solution gives you the possibility to create and manage your opening schedule. Not available? It organizes the various actions to be undertaken outside of your working hours.
  • keeping your current telephone numbers : thanks to our software, calls from your switchboard are redirected to your usual numbers.
  • receiving simultaneous calls : you can thus receive several calls at the same time depending on the redirection package you have subscribed to. This tool also makes it possible to launch different calls simultaneously without it being saturated.
  • customizing the display of calls : you will easily distinguish between regular calls and personal calls. Indeed, the switchboard number of the caller or his private number will appear directly on the interface.
  • setting up personalized voice announcements : all you have to do is record them and then configure them on your switchboard using our software. Your favorite music on hold and your voice announcements will be accessible from the customer area.

Telephone switchboard software, the advantages for SMEs ETI

With our switchboard or IPBX software , you have other essential functions to increase your company’s productivity (reports, detailed follow-ups, etc.). This is an advantageous solution for different types of structure. For ETI SMEs, it allows them to gain in responsiveness and profitability . Easy to set up and administer, this tool redirects calls to the right people . It also helps you improve your performance since its management interface gives you the possibility to:

  • define the order of calls : this option simplifies the recording of your list of redirection numbers . The server automatically redirects people who call you to these numbers. You define the number of call reminders according to your needs.
  • automatically trace all the calls you have received: the software establishes a statistical follow-up to sort loyal callers on your customer service and differentiate your peak periods.
  • save your contacts : in a few clicks, their details will be quickly saved. It is easier to identify incoming calls and at the same time have their detailed follow-up. With our software, you will no longer miss your many business calls and those of potential customers. If you missed any, just check out the schedule via Call History .

Kavkom, a trusted partner

Kavkom innovates professional telephony by basing its offers on VoIP technology . Created in 2012, our platform has completely modernized the field of business communication . Our teams of experts have developed a full range of equipment intended to increase business responsiveness and optimize collaboration within companies . We support our partners so that they can take full advantage of the services we offer on the vast telecommunications market. Never has access to business telephony been so easy.

We want to help you manage all the entities related to your company’s activities (suppliers, customers, etc.) in an optimal way. As a result, our research and development teams continue to develop hardware and software solutions . It is precisely with this in mind that the PME ETI switchboard software was created. Its flexibility of use and its scalability have simplified the management of information on your many customers and the follow-up of their interactions.

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