How does IP Centrex telephony benefit your business?

Comment la téléphonie IP Centrex profite à votre entreprise
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IP Centrex telephony: the advantages for your business

Your business seems to have taken off far from the turbulent zones, but its figures remind you of the harsh reality: your telephone system is severely reducing your budget. Fortunately, IP Centrex telephony is reaching out to you. It offers all the advantages of traditional telephony, but better.

When traditional telephony digs into your budget, IP telephony helps you spare it. When the usual system reduces your space, modern telephony enhances its ergonomics. And when the PABX imposes constraints, the IP PABX simplifies your telephone management. Detailed explanations in this article.

Benefit from an economically profitable solution

Have you noticed how much telephony is a center of expenditure for a company? Between the purchase of a PABX, the establishment of a network and the maintenance of equipment, not to mention the cost of intervention by a specialist in the event of a breakdown, it very quickly erodes budgets.

On the other hand, SMEs or SMIs, with a Centrex IP offer , you have better control of your finances. No investment required to purchase your equipment. And you do not incur any parallel costs to those relating to your Kavkom package. Finally, you benefit from clear transparency on your costs. Finally, with this solution, you cut nearly 40% of your current communication budget.

Optimize your time and space

Does your space seem cramped? No need to part with your favorite pieces of furniture or downsize your workforce. VoIP telephony , the solution of the future that adapts to present realities, brings you the solution. It does not require installing large machines in your offices. As a result, you free up space and increase the fluidity of your employees’ movements.

Another plus with this option is the time saving. For the installation of a classic switchboard, count several hours. Using RJ45 cables, the technician must establish communication between the telephone sets, the computer network and the PBX. This takes time. On the other hand, for an IP Centrex telephony system, it is sufficient to connect the telephones to the IP network and then to the computers. Simple, easy and fast.

Free access to your data

In IP PBX, contrary to the traditional formula, the physical connections are limited. An arsenal of connections is no longer necessary. Thus, during your travels, you access your data independently, wherever you are.

In addition, after installation, maintenance of the PBX is carried out remotely. You don’t slow down your business because of network outages, although they are rare, very rare. In the end, outsourcing your IP telephone switchboard opens the door to flexibility.

Improve your telephony management

Simplicity. This is the watchword that governs the policy of our avant-garde agency of the new generation telephone switchboard . You have a single point of contact. It installs and manages your system.

No need to train an internal team or pay an external service provider to take care of it. Thus, you free yourself from the constraints of traditional telephony. And thanks to the Kavkom packages that make up the IP Centrex telephony offer, you can simplify your management as much as possible.

IP Centrex telephony, a solution in line with your growth

After a few months (or years) of activity, that’s it, you register growth. More than ever, your brand image comes into play. You will have to manage your now expanded customer portfolio and offer an optimal level of satisfaction. However, traditional telephony remains limited. Expansive, it does not always adapt to your growth.

The IP solution , it follows you: from your beginnings to your expansion. Each time your size increases, you can add new telephone lines and connect them with your employees’ extensions. This leads to a skyrocketing performance with great financial benefits.

In conclusion

Easy installation, flexibility, saving time, money and space, switching from PABX to IP PABX provides many advantages. Only benefits for your business!

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