How do you make good telephone prospecting?

une bonne prospection téléphonique
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Because of the apparent simplicity of the approach, many companies rely on outdated methods to get the job done. Knowing how to make the right telephone calls is a considerable asset, and even plays a decisive role in a company’s development.

The basics of telephone prospecting

For teams of sales agents, this can be a tough job. Telephone contacts have a bad reputation, and many prospects don’t listen carefully to the person they’re talking to. To avoid this major inconvenience, agents must :

  • identify the person before making the call,
  • learn how to add value to their product or service so as to grab attention immediately,
  • carefully craft an appropriate sales pitch to keep prospects from hanging up,
  • Establish a pleasant dialogue, while warding off reluctance,
  • know how to conclude the call, so as to be able to conclude during the next call.

Mastering all these techniques is the very foundation of the telephone prospecting profession. Unfortunately, there are many tasks upstream that slow down sales. This is where companies such as Kavkom, which specializes in corporate telephony, come in.

By offering autonomous, relevant and effective digital support, it’s possible to bypass the traditional obstacles of telephone prospecting. The space freed up in this way can only lead to an increase in productivity.

Why is it a good idea to integrate intelligent software into your telemarketing strategy?

The aim of this type of software is to lighten the workload of sales agents, so that they can concentrate on their customer management and cold calling missions. To achieve this, these programs have more than one string to their bow.

Automatic and permanent dialing of relevant numbers

A company facing stiff competition needs a motivated and committed team. However, these sales agents often take on several time-consuming tasks: telephone prospecting proper, but also all the upstream administrative and technical work. The arrival on the market of software adapted to telephone prospecting is revolutionizing the daily lives of these teams. The Kavkom software, for example, automatically dials the available numbers. This automated, continuous action generates leads much faster.

An effective detection program

At the same time, the same system detects answering machines or wrong numbers. It bypasses blacklisted numbers, as well as fax numbers that cannot be used. All these factors, which are particularly demanding for all telephone prospecting specialists, are managed by the software. In so doing, teams are encouraged to refocus on the core of their profession: contact with prospects.

A source of productivity gains for sales agents

Trained as a salesperson with good people skills and an effective sales technique, the sales agent needs to be able to focus on his or her objective to deliver increasing productivity for the company. Kavkom offers professionals an efficient, ultra-fast method of importing prospect lists. For the agent, this evolving support proves invaluable, as it makes it easier to sort prospects. Date-stamped annotations can also be inserted on individual cards, so that you can return to an intentional prospect at the right moment. For the company, this system provides permanent access to a whole range of relevant statistics:

  • number of successful telephone contacts,
  • the precise duration of each conversation,
  • the proven conversion rate.

Reduced financial investment

For any company, the ideal can be summed up as follows: evolve rapidly, while reducing costs. This objective is possible with telephone prospecting. When you choose Kavkom, you get a modern, reliable, high-performance system that integrates seamlessly into your company’s CRM ecosystem. In the past, any change meant replacing equipment, not to mention the training that often went with it. Now, integrating a new system can be done quickly and at very low cost. This operation provides teams with new tools, freeing them from many constraints. By relying on stand-alone software, sales people are more attentive and have more time for their core business. The first impact is direct: customers feel more listened to, better advised and satisfied. Three factors that often trigger the buying reflex.

Substantial reduction in order processing times

Every sales prospecting plan needs to save time, while remaining productive. By automating certain tasks, the company can set itself higher targets. Order processing times are dramatically reduced, with immediate repercussions on the company’s public image and sales.

How do you make good telephone prospecting? Ultimately, the problem can be summed up as follows: the company needs to be able to rely on a team of experienced sales agents, backed up by powerful, reliable software capable of supporting and guiding them in their mission.

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