How do I get leads?

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The race for leads is on, but for companies, it’s no game or hobby. Knowing how to obtain leads is essential to ensure your company’s growth. To achieve this, the professionals have several methods at their disposal. However, cold calling is by far the most popular.

The importance of content marketing

As a company, the first step is to prepare an appropriate strategy. No one steps into the ring without a plan to win the fight. The same is true in the world of telephone prospecting, whether local or international. Sales agents must be able to answer these questions clearly, even before dialing a telephone number:

  • What’s the target?
  • What are its most pressing needs?
  • What needs does your product or service address?

This forms the basis of our prospecting work. Having a clear vision of the market makes it easy to get leads.

Free to attract prospects’ attention

Although the quality of the telephone exchange is crucial, samples and other free trials are a godsend for companies. The customer can test the product or service. For their part, salespeople have a concrete argument to convince their contacts during a second contact. It’s a tried-and-tested method. If the trial is convincing enough, the buying reflex is automatic. When prospecting for leads, it’s a good idea to offer a sample of the company’s expertise free of charge.

Good visibility on the Internet is essential.

A company with a virtual showcase, via social networks, is more likely to generate leads than a company that is unknown to the general public. Before even starting a cold calling campaign, you need to think about building a loyal online community. While it’s inadvisable to neglect a major social network, the fact that LinkedIn is proving far more useful to professionals. It must therefore be at the heart of any marketing strategy.

How can I get leads from salespeople?

This brings us to the heart of the matter, and it’s clear that the issue is more complex than it first appears. In this field, being comfortable speaking, knowing a little about the product or service and picking up the phone are no longer enough to make the difference. Telephone prospecting has evolved considerably in recent years, and requires careful preparation. A company must :

  • rely on good training for its sales agents,
  • rely on the support of autonomous, high-performance software.

Sales training

Social selling is evolving in tandem with technologies and customs. Suffice it to say that this sector can easily become dizzying, given the need for constant adaptation. High-quality training for sales teams has become essential for optimal lead generation.

Stand-alone software

A telephone prospecting specialist like Kavkom offers modern solutions(pro switchboard), adapted to the real needs of today’s businesses. Stand-alone software works without interruption, relieving sales staff of time-consuming tasks:

  • number sorting: avoid answering machines, fax numbers and wrong numbers,
  • dialing: automated dialing means more leads, faster,
  • call follow-up: a file with relevant comments and, if necessary, dates, enables targeted call-backs,
  • reduced order processing: this factor increases team productivity.

Combining marketing with telephone prospecting

Of all the tools a company has at its disposal to grow, there are two that must at all costs be used in tandem: marketing and cold calling.

Customers who are still undecided are more likely to turn to free samples: a product sample, a downloadable PDF file, a service demonstrating the company’s expertise – these can take many forms. There’s nothing insignificant about this test. It’s the first step from prospect to company. The person’s interest in the product or service is real. In this case, it’s a good idea to plan direct contact, through telephone prospecting, to create a link and, after maturation, encourage a purchase.

Surround yourself with trusted professionals

IT development solutions need to be given at least as much attention as the company does when choosing a supplier or a new employee. Specialized in telephone prospecting, a company like Kavkom is a solid pillar of development. With a solution that can be adapted and modulated to the needs of each company, rapid growth is possible. Obtaining leads is essential for growth. Intelligent, automated software is still one of the most reliable and effective solutions available today for significantly multiplying leads.

Calling on a corporate telephony service remains a key option for your success.

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