International and virtual numbers for SMEs

International and virtual numbers for SMEs
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The advent of advanced technology today facilitates communication. In the world of telephony, this evolution is characterized by the launch of the VoIP system. The latter gave birth to the virtual number which constitutes an alternative to the international number. This dematerialized number benefits companies, especially SMEs. Provider in IP telephony , Kavkom explains how a virtual number works.

Characteristics of an international number

In the telecommunications sector, the term international number applies to calls received or made from abroad. The number of the caller and that of the receiver can thus be considered as international numbers . Depending on each country, an international number begins with a specific code called an area code.

For example, area codes 44, 32 and 86 refer to the UK, Belgium and China respectively.
In terms of consumption, a call made to an international number is expensive. The price varies from one operator to another. It is for this reason that telephone users resort to other alternatives, including the virtual number .

What is a virtual number?

The term virtual number says a lot about how the product works. Offered by specialized service providers, this number does not correspond to any physical telephone line. It serves as a “ stand-in” for the user’s real number . By dialing this type of number, the caller connects his correspondent to another number.

Conversely, a virtual number displayed on the recipient’s device replaces the caller’s primary number. In other words, the virtual number redirects the call to a number registered with a telephone operator. Unlike the international number, it includes a code corresponding to the local number of the country chosen by the user.

The virtual number and its various advantages

Also known as the DID number or geographical number , the virtual number is characterized above all by its compatibility . Admittedly, its main purpose is to make or receive calls from a landline or DECT cordless telephone. However, it works with other media such as smartphones, tablets and PCs. By choosing a virtual number, the user therefore has the possibility of communicating from various places and with different kinds of devices.

Apart from this freedom, the reduction in the cost of calls is also one of the advantages offered by this number. By joining a virtual number from abroad, the caller will only be charged the cost of a local call. However, the number dialed must have the same code as that used in the territory where the caller is located.

Finally, a virtual number facilitates communication, especially in the workplace. This mainly concerns commercial establishments. An example is the case of a business based in one location, but with multiple customers in various locations. To promote proximity, it uses a virtual number corresponding to the number of the country concerned.

How to choose your virtual international number?

In a professional environment, the choice of a virtual international number must above all depend on the place of destination or origin of the call. In other words, this consists of opting for a number whose code corresponds to that of the country concerned by the outgoing or incoming call. It is also recommended to buy a number using mnemonics. In this case, it is a matter of using a number that your customers and partners will easily remember. Anyway, it is still best to seek the advice of an IP telephony operator.

Get a virtual number from a professional

Specialist in IP telephony, Kavkom puts its expertise at the service of SMIs and SMEs . That’s why we offer them the virtual number. This service includes different features like call forwarding, voicemail, international dialing number and free call recording. Its synthesis technology also allows you to receive e-mails from voicemail. To benefit from it, you just have to choose one of the packages we offer: Basic, Basic +, Basic ++, Standard and Premium. With these offers, we guarantee you unlimited calls, comfort and mobility. Once the order is placed, your DID number works in less than a minute. In addition to the virtual number, various services come to expand our list of products. These include the telephone switchboard , the SMS campaign, the contact center and unified communications.

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