Features of IP Centrex at Kavkom

Les fonctionnalités de l’IP Centrex chez Kavkom
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IP Centrex technology refers to the process by which a customer’s telephone system is hosted by an operator via an IP. In other words, the company proceeds to the decentralized management of its telephone line. Component of the means of communication based on VoIP, the particularity of telephony in the Cloud lies in the importance played by the Internet.

Indeed, this solution for outsourcing voice exchanges uses an IP network as an intermediary. This is undoubtedly what differentiates it from the classic format of traditional networks and gives it or confers unparalleled functionalities.

With the gradual disappearance of analog lines replaced by VoIP lines , IP Centrex is one of the revolutionary solutions that are booming. An innovative option focused on the technology of the future, it has several advantages in connection with its many features.

The classic features

The IP Centrex develops the classic functionalities of a conventional wired installation. In other words, it integrates all the functions of a PABX traditional (interception of calls, call log, filtering of calls, sending and transfer of calls, double calls, putting on hold, conference call, etc.) But even more, it allows access to tools much more modern and attractive, such as unified messaging (consultation of voice messages, faxes from the customer’s user interface and his mailbox).

A modern solution

As it does not require the installation of PABXs for its operation, IP Centrex stands out as a less cumbersome, less expensive solution and above all focused on the technologies of the future. In addition, conventional PABXs can no longer support the addition of additional analog telephone lines for 2 years (2018). Quite the opposite of IP Centrex whose scalable nature offers you wider possibilities.

A joining tool

While allowing you to offer tailor-made options to each employee according to his specifications and his role in the company, IP Centrex (or hosted telephony) gives you the possibility of globalizing all your lines of communication. In a practical way, you will also benefit from a single connection of your communication tools on a single network (PC, telephones, fax, etc.)

An all-in-one communication tool

Adopting it is equivalent to communitizing the interactions between the different means of communication used in your company. Adopting it also promotes interconnection between the members of your team, since its functionalities facilitate services such as videoconferencing, management of call groups, voicemail, instant messaging… By achieving technological prowess at all -in-one, the team spirit necessary for the company’s influence is strengthened.

An ally in your mobility

One of the greatest features of IP Centrex hosted at Kavkom comes down to the mobility it provides. You benefit from the services integrated into your pack wherever you are, without having to be in the office. You are always reachable and we also give you the guarantee of not losing any calls.

Securing your data

In the competitive environment of the business world, data protection requires paramount importance. Consequently, there are recurring apprehensions about services having the Internet as a transmission belt or passageway. Faced with the challenge of securing your data, Kavkom reassures you of the implementation of a whole range of measures.

A flexible solution

The flexibility of IP Centrex is analyzed in relation to its great adaptability. Indeed, it corresponds to all types of companies (SME, SMI, TPE and large structures). As it derives from the IPBX , it lends itself to updates that make it an option that is as modern as it is scalable, geared towards the future.

The benefit of unlimited

As an outsourced solution with the Kavkom operator , subscribing to your package allows you to experience the reign of the unlimited in terms of telephone possibilities. You can indeed enjoy your calls 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, without taking into account the boundaries of time and space.

In conclusion

By touting the advantages and innovative features of IP Centrex , Kavkom provides you with a prestigious tool, complete and adapted to your needs when subscribing to one of its packages. More than a bet, making you enjoy the exploits of the telephony of the future today, it is our commitment.

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